Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Eternal Brothers

The Tuesday Teaser this week comes from ETERNAL BROTHERS, which is part of the Dalakis Passion vampire series.


Zane saw the man in question slinking out the side entrance of the garden, searching the darkness. So Cassidy sensed that someone was out here. It wouldn’t do to underestimate this man. He was a good cop. Or at least he had been. Now Zane was no longer sure. Turning, he walked swiftly down the street, careful to keep to the shadows. He wouldn’t learn much else tonight and wanted to return to his home to think.

He’d tried to resist the temptation of returning to New Orleans, but it was no use. He had to know the truth, not only for his own sake, but also for the protection of the people of this city.

And if the Dalakis brothers turned out to be what he feared they might be, then he’d be left with no choice.

He’d have to kill them.


Mannouchka said...

That was my series I really loved also nice cover mmm
Have a wonderful Wednesday

N.J.Walters said...

The new cover is very sexy. *g*