Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: A Legal Affair

This week the Tuesday Teaser if from A LEGAL AFFAIR. This spicy hot contemporary romance is a stand alone read, but is part of the Jamesville series.


He straightened in his seat and then stood as she approached. His lips curved up in a sexy smile that made goose bumps break out on her skin. It was a smile of promise, of anticipation.

“Are you married?” She couldn’t believe she was asking that of a perfect stranger.

 “No. You?” His deep voice skated over the nerve-endings in her body, making her tingle.

She shook her head and the heat level in his eyes kicked up another notch. Much more and she wouldn’t need to wear her coat home even though it was the first of March and there was snow on the ground.

She reached out her hand and he took it, his larger, stronger one closing over hers briefly before releasing it. “Come with me.” Her voice was thick with invitation. There was no doubting what she was asking.

Without question, he followed her from the room, his hand heavy and warm at the small of her back.


Mannouchka said...

woo very nice cover like the excerpt
Have a nice week

N.J.Walters said...

Thanks, Mannouchka. I really like this cover.