Thursday, May 16, 2013

Excitement last night


Plenty of excitement at our place last night. Fire trucks started rolling in just after 10:30. (Two fire trucks, two ladder trucks, two emergency vehicles, police and the power company truck.) There's been a lot of false alarms over the years we've lived here, but this one was real. There was a fire at the building across from us.

They had a ton of equipment and I could actually see the lobby of the building was filled with smoke. Thankfully, it must have been a small fire and they got it under control quickly. Yay to the fire department!

When we went to bed around midnight, the last of the trucks was leaving, although there were still police around. Not sure when, or if, the poor folks who live in that building got back inside.

The only plus was there was no ambulance, which means no one was hurt. Scary stuff.

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