Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Amethyst Dreams

AMETHYST DREAMS is the sequel to Amethyst Moon but can be read as a stand alone novel. If you love steamy ménage a trois stories then this one is for you! 

And if you haven't read AMETHYST MOON, you can buy this ménage a trois novella from Ellora's Cave for only $0.99.


“You should go before it’s too late.” His fingers tightened around her bottom as he uttered the warning.

She leaned closer, brushing soft kisses across his jaw. “I think it’s already too late.” She didn’t want to leave. Not now.

“It’s not too late for me, is it?”

 She whirled around at the sound of another male voice. Rorik wrapped his forearm around her stomach, keeping her close. The newcomer was tall, not as tall as Rorik, but he was still larger than her. His hair was a little longer than Rorik’s, but it was a dark brown instead of black. He wasn’t quite as broad as Rorik, but was certainly an impressive specimen of manhood. If she hadn’t met Rorik first, she would definitely have been attracted to him. Was attracted to him.

“So it has begun.” Rorik’s whispered words sent a shiver down her spine and not a good one. He didn’t sound happy about this.

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