Monday, January 11, 2021

7 More Days Until Bjorn Cursed!

Bjorn Cursed

Forgotten Brotherhood, Book 4


Lucifer is up to his old tricks, causing problems for the Forgotten Brotherhood. This time, he’s had a woman removed from the Norse afterlife and placed her right in the path of Bjorn Knutson. After the slaughter of his wife and family centuries ago, tortured and broken, Bjorn was cursed as the first Norse werewolf. Now he’s been tasked by Odin himself with killing the woman who escaped. Failure is not an option.


Before he can track her, he stumbles across a woman being accosted by three men in the middle of the night. Even though she’s human, he intervenes and is shocked to recognize the face of the one woman he could never kill — his wife Anja.


She’s also the one he’s hunting…and if he doesn’t kill her then both their lives are at stake.


“I won’t let anyone harm her—not god, human, or any other supernatural being. At best, she’ll be confined to Helheim. At worst, her soul might be obliterated or lost. That can’t happen.” He’d gone centuries without her, had only just found her again. His chest constricted, his lung squeezed tight until breathing was difficult.

If she was taken from him, he’d go on a rampage the likes of which the world had never seen. Nothing would be able to stop him until he’d destroyed this world and the next.






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