Thursday, December 20, 2007

All in Time By Ciana Stone
Book 1 in The Hussies series.

Sara had searched for answers her entire life — why had she been abandoned as an infant and why did she possess the ability to paint things that foretold the future? What was she supposed to do with her ability? Exactly what was her destiny supposed to be?

Help comes from an unexpected source. A mysterious woman from a time long past offers her the opportunity to find the answers. But to do so, she has to locate and protect a man who is fated to play an important role in mankind's destiny.

Sara never imagined that her task would bring her face to face with a man she'd idolized for years. That their meeting would spark a passion so hot it threatened to consume them. Or that her mission would be one that demanded only one of two outcomes. Succeed and live, or fail and die. Will love be strong enough to save them or will the price of failure be both their lives? The answers will be revealed. All in time.

All In Time by Ciana Stone is the first book in "The Hussies" series and it kicks it off with a bang. Rich description and details enhance this paranormal tale. Morgan is a man with a horrific past who is struggling to make sense of his life. Sara is a woman with a destiny that she has only just begun to understand. The passion between them is immediate and compelling. This is a fast read. You'll want to keep turning pages until your done. I'm looking forward to more books in this fascinating series.


Nicole Austin said...

Ciana's book is a great start to The Hussies series! So very sensual and spiritual. :D

N.J.Walters said...

It's a great read, Nic. As you said, very sensual.