Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mid-Winter Blogging Blues

I think I have the Mid-Winter Blogging Blues. And doesn't that sound like a country song? LOL

It's been one snow storm after another since January began. Monday, we had snow. Tuesday was sunny, but cold enough to freeze your nose hair. *g* I kid you not. Wednesday we had six inches of snow and then an inch of rain, which all froze when the temperature dropped. Today there were some flurries, but mainly nice, so I ran out to do some errands. Tonight, another system is moving in to bring another six inches of the white stuff.

Now, I'm not a winter person. Never had been. Never will be. I am a summer person. I like the heat. The long, hot days that never seem to end. Although, I do appreciate the fact that the days are getting longer. I still have a set of christmas lights strung around my entertainment system in my living room. It cheers me up to plug them in.

Maybe winter wouldn't be so bad if I didn't live in the city, which I do. Everything is dirty and dreary, drivers forget to slow down for those of us who walk or take public transit, and sidewalks are nothing but a memory.

I try and take care of myself during this long, dreary season. I eat right, but try to treat myself occassionally. Long hot baths and good books also help.

What do you do to get through the long winter? Or do you enjoy all the snow?


Nicole Austin said...

Ugh! No snow here in Florida, but our winter weather is full of rapid temperature changes guaranteed to screw up your sinuses. One day its 80 and you have the a/c on. The next day is nice but that night it gets cold and you have to put the heat on. Its insane! Still, no snow. You need to move somewhere warmer, NJ!

Kathy said...

I love the snow. Unfortunately, we haven't had much of it here this year. I was born in Erie, PA so I am used to very cold winters with lots of snow. I am definately not a summer person. I always feel you can dress enough to keep warm in winter, but even if you go naked in summer and wouldn't be arrested for it, you still won't be cool and will most likely get a bad sunburn.:-)

N.J.Walters said...

I wouldn't mind moving somewhere warmer, Nic. But this is home...snow and cold and all. :-)

Maybe if we had really hot temperatures all the time I'd feel differently, Kathy. But I'm a summer gal. I'm never warm enough in the winter. LOL

charleneteglia said...

LOL, I'm too busy making sure the bathtub's full of water and there's gas for the generator to have the blahs! Winter storms, they are exciting.

Anny Cook said...

I'm in the middled on the east coast. I have a foot warmer and sun lights for winter and ac for summer.

Hot and cold tea for the rest.

Lived in Arizona, Texas, Chicago, Upstate New York. Never cool enough in the summer or warm enough in the winter!

N.J.Walters said...

ACK! Winter storms are nasty, Charli.

N.J.Walters said...

Well, I'm never warm enough in winter, Anny. But, I'm rarely warm enough in summer either. LOL I'm on the east coast as well.