Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New at the Jasmine Jade/Ellora's Cave Website

There's a lot of new things happening over at the Jasmine Jade Enterprises website (Home of Ellora's Cave Publishing).

Here's the official release!

We want to offer our readers new things every day on our site, give you reasons to visit us often.We recently started offering the free reads on Mondays. We also want to be able to focus attention on specific types of books or promote themes and such.

So, starting April 14, our release schedule for the EC site will be:

Mondays - free reads and reissued stories (such as those broken out of old anthologies and being reissued as single novellas)- 1 or 2 each week

Tuesdays - Theme series stories, Quickies, Ellora's Cavemen anthologies - 1 each week

Wednesdays - Our normal new ebook releases

Thursdays - Sale books - up to 16 ebooks and print books on sale; will remain on sale for one week

Fridays - Our normal new ebook releases

Be sure and check it out!

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