Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

Good morning and welcome to Monday!

It snowed on Saturday and was cold and windy on Sunday, so most of the weekend was spent indoors. I did start some preliminary work for my next book yesterday, but it's hard to get started again after the Christmas holiday. And with it being so cold and snowy outside, I'd rather nap than work.

Still, I have the computer fired up this morning and am rereading a book and making notes for the next one. That's how I start when the book I'm working on is part of a series. I need to refamiliarize myself with what came before and what I've done with certain characters. Once I make notes (which in reality means a small mountain of file cards), I'll do whatever research I need to do. Then I'll think about the plot of the book. Once I know my opening scene, I'll begin writing. I hope to get to that stage before the end of the week.

With the wind chill, it's hovering around 0 degrees farenheit this morning. I can't seem to get warm. So, I'm going to pour myself a cup of tea, pull a blanket over my legs and keep working. Because spring will be here soon enough and I'm hoping to have several books written by then.

Have a great Monday!


Kara said...

Our weekend was spent indoors too...very cold!! Spent most of it doing laundry, and curled up with my Snuggie with a good book or two while the kids played their new games.

You stay warm N.J. and good luck on the writing this week.

Kat said...

It's freezing here too. I wish I just didn't feel like writing though. The problem is I want to but it's too difficult. Yesterday I fell down t he stairs and broke my left index finger and busted my ankle. I'm out of commission whether I want to be or not. Just typing this has taken me 30 minutes. Ouch.:-(

N.J.Walters said...

Sounds like a nice weekend, Kara. You stay warm too!

N.J.Walters said...

Oh, Kat. I'm so sorry to hear you fell and hurt yourself. You take it easy and get better soon. The ankle will take a while but, hopefully, the finger will heal faster.

Anny Cook said...

Cold here and windy but I'm snug in my office with the dog sitting on my feet, keeping them warm.

Best wishes with the new book, NJ!

N.J.Walters said...

It's good to have a dog to keep your feet warm, Anny. :-)