Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Stars for Pride of the Lion

PRIDE OF THE LION has received a 5 Star review from LASR!

"There are some fantastic surprise twists in this book. I like that Ms. Walters was able to show that even Hades can make mistakes, and forget about some of his goals. There are some unexpected allies here, and I refuse to say any more about them now. Just be aware that all is not lost and nothing is as it seems at times. Of course, there is lots of hot and heavy action as well between Leander and Araminta; it wouldn’t be N.J. Walters without it. I am looking forward to the final episode in this passionate tale of good versus evil. Do Leander and Araminta survive their challenge? Now, that would be telling, and I think that it is better to read it for yourself." ~Foxglove


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