Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Woven Dreams

The Tuesday Teaser this week comes from WOVEN DREAMS, the third book in the Tapestries series.


Usually she waited until nightfall to wash, but the day had been so hot, she hadn’t been able to resist the lure of the cool river water. It was too late to change what she’d done. All she could do now was use it to try to give herself an edge against this unknown man. Forcing her fingers to open, she released her death grip on the bodice of her dress, allowing it to slip to her waist.

His eyes went straight to her exposed breasts and it was then that she lunged.

Strong arms caught her from behind, wrapping around her upper body and trapping her arms at her sides. Oh gods, there were two of them! She struggled, jerking her body from side to side and kicking out with her feet. There was no escape. Her soft-soled leather boots struck what had to be his legs, but it was like hitting solid wood. There was no give in him anywhere.

He held her easily with one massive forearm as he used his free hand to pry the dagger from her grip. She gritted her teeth, desperately trying to hang on, but it was useless. The weapon fell to the ground beside them.

“I’m sorry,” the low male voice whispered in her ear. “But I cannot let you harm my brother or yourself.”


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