Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall Daisies

I was at the grocery store this morning. We haven't done a big grocery shop in a while now and have been basically living out of the cupboards. It's amazing how much stuff that you poke away in the dark recesses of the cupboards. Needless to say we've had some interesting meals. But I digress.

Finally the cupboards are bare (unless you count spices, honey and powdered milk) and we had no other choice but to venture forth to the grocery store. Early morning is a great time to shop. It's so more relaxing because there are fewer people around.

As we entered the store, the florist shop was on the left. I usually don't pay it much attention, but the flash of color caught my eye. They had bunches of daisies in an array of fall colors--yellow, orange, pink and purple. It made me think about how often I pass the flower shop but never stop to pick up any.

So, I picked out the brightest bunch and bought them for no other reason than because I wanted them. And isn't that the best reason of all?

This weekend, treat yourself to something special...just becauase! It doesn't have to be expensive. My daisies were on sale for only $4.99, but the pleasure they'll give me is beyond price.

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