Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Time In Between

I'm at that in-between time where I just sent off a submission to my editor and now I have to decide which book to start working on next.

I'm not like some authors who can be writing two, three or more books at the same time. I'm a start it and finish it kinda writer. I don't mind editing other books, but I only have one work-in-progress going at any time.

So now I'll take a couple of days and see which characters demand the most attention. LOL I have it narrowed down to two possibilities, but I'm not 100% sure yet. How do I decide?

Well, for me the characters come first. If I'm working on a continuing series, I may already know at least one of the main characters, but I'm always surprised by what happens when they get a book of their own.

For example, in my upcoming Ellora's Cave release, STEFAN'S SALVATION, Stefan first appeared in book one of the Dalakis Passsion series, HARKER'S JOURNEY. Stefan was going to be my light-hearted brother, my comic relief. NOT!!! Stefan had a mind of his own and ended up being the darkest of the three brothers.

Once I know my characters, I usually have an idea of their story. But again, that changes as I start to write. I'm not a huge plotter. I generally have a handful of plot points that I want to have happen and the rest gets filled in as I go. As a rule, when I'm about half way through the book, I'll sit and scribble out the rest of the outline of file cards because at that point I'll really know where I'm going with the storyline.

I know I'm ready to sit at the keyboard when I get the opening scene clear in my head. To me that's the character's signal to me that they're impatient for me to get going. LOL

So for the next few days I plan to listen to the chatter in my head and see who talks the loudest. Should be interesting.



Charlene Teglia said...

Oh, the suspense! Which story will be next?

N.J.Walters said...

LOLOL I'm not sure yet. I'm toying between two of my EC series. Both of them are due.

I'm also superstitious. I really don't like to talk about my latest WIP until I have the rough draft done. I'm almost afraid that if I talk about it, then it won't have the same urgency for me to write it.

But...I will say this...there could be vampires. :-)


Jenn said...

Vamps are nice NJ but I was hoping maybe JACKSON might be next.

No pressure though, just a suggestion.

I was wondering if I keep mentioning him if that will make you think of him all the time and then poof you would need to write him.

Just a thought.

Oh and Stefan is on the coming soon page. Page 2 and the last book, but dang it he is finally there.

N.J.Walters said...

LOL I think that maybe you really want Jackson's book, Jenn. I'm hoping to get to his book real soon, but I'm thinking the vamps might win out. :-)

But have no fear, I certainly haven't forgotten Jackson. It's just that I had to do Lucas's book first.


Jennifer L. said...

I cant even pretend to know how authors go about choosing what to write next, but if I may comment MORE DRAGON BOOKS!! I ADORED Drakon's Treasure, but it only left me wanting more!

N.J.Walters said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Drakon's Treasure, Jennifer. It was an experiment for me, but I had such a wonderful time writing it, I am definitely going to write more. I'm not sure when as I have other series commitments, but I will get to it. :-)