Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Tomorrow, September 6th, my very first dragon story is releasing from Ellora's Cave Publishing. It's part of the Autumn Animalia series and I'm very excited about it.

Drakon’s Treasure: Blurb

Captured when the armies of Gradoc swept through her village at the base of the Varkas Mountains, Eartha has spent the last five years as a slave. By day, she labors in the fields and by night she is forced to share Hameon of Gradoc’s bed. But Eartha has learned patience, biding her time until an opportunity comes for her to escape.

Seizing her chance, she flees. With Hameon’s guards in pursuit, she ducks into a dark, dingy tavern. The only hope has of saving herself from being recaptured is to join the company of a man. Bravely, she approaches a solitary stranger in the corner of the bar.

Arrik Varkas Drakon is more than just a man. He is a Drakon lord. Half-dragon, half-man, his kind usually ignores the affairs of men. But from the moment Eartha steps into the bar, she intrigues him. Once he sees her face, he knows he must have her.

Arrik sweeps her away from the danger, but it follows them into the mountains. And when Hameon and his forces come to take her back, they quickly discover that, above all, a dragon always guards and keeps his treasure.

It's already gotten it's first review. TwoLips Reviews have given it a Recommended Read! I'm absoutely thrilled. Here's a bit of what reviewer, Kerin, had to say:

"I truly hope that this is the beginning of a new series. Drakon’s Treasure is a beautiful story about love, acceptance and deep abiding commitment. N.J. Walters has been on my must-read list for a long time but has truly outdone herself with Drakon’s Treasure. If you don’t read Drakon’s Treasure, you’ll be doing a disservice to yourself."

Thanks Kerin and TwoLips Reviews!



Charlene Teglia said...

Congrats, NJ! Well deserved, I love this story and I can't wait for more dragons! (Please please please write more dragons)

Jenn said...

I am just waiting for them to put up the new releases so I can get my hands on this story.

Congrats on the great Review NJ!!


N.J.Walters said...

Thank you Charli and Jenn! It's finally release day. LOL

I'm thrilled with the first review for the book and I'll definitely be writing more dragons at some point in the future. I had a blast writing this book.


Jenn said...

I got my copy already and am oing to read it while I answer the phones at work. I can't wait till I get home to read it tonight. LOL

I'll let ya know what I think when I'm done NJ ;)

Lauren Dane said...

Doll, this quickie was soooo good! Congratulations.

N.J.Walters said...

Thanks so much, Lauren, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I'm really looking forward to reading your Autumn Animalia book when it is released.