Monday, April 30, 2007

Manic Monday!

Welcome to Monday!

Last week was very busy. I managed to write about 15K and hosted my annual Home Alone party over at the Cave.

As a result, I didn't do much on the weekend. Hubby and I did watch Spideman 2. We watched the first one last weekend, so we're ready to go to the new one when it opens this Friday.

This week, I plan on trying to finish the rough draft of the book I'm working on. It keeps growing and is currently at 89K. LOL

Other than that, I plan to have a less than manic week. It's going to be a dull, rainy week according to the forecast, so I plan to use it to get some work done.

Oh, and the vacuum saga continues. Finally found one I liked at Walmart and they were out of stock. That means another trip sometime later this week. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

The grocery store by the Walmart has awesome chocolate chip cookies, so the trip wasn't a total waste. *g*


charleneteglia said...

Hey, cookies are always good! *g* Hope you get your vac situation fixed soon.

N.J.Walters said...

It's such a shame I'll have to make another trip for cookies--NOT! LOL I'm reduced to sweeping now. Vacuuming is much quicker.



A great party you put up in EC! And keep juicing up that 89k book, sounds yummy already. =) Red