Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Foods I love!

1. Chicken Burgers (Tofu chicken, that is.)

2. Homemade fries (baked in the oven, not deep fried)

3. Vegetarian Chilli

4. Egg Noodles and Veggie Stir Fry

5. Spaghetti

6. Homemade hashbrowns, fried eggs and toast

7. Mac and cheese

8. Baked potatoes with butter (Not margarine--real butter)

9. Garden salad with Catalina or French dressing

10. Veggie Quesadillas

11. Cheese (Cheddar, mozza, Monteray Jack, Gouda, Edam, Swiss, etc...)

12. Butter (The real stuff, not margarine)

13. Chocolate (Dark, preferably)

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Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Mmm, what a tantalizing, lip-licking list, NJ! The only choices I differ with are #9 (fat-sucking pig that I am I’d go for creamy garlic dressing instead. LOL) and #13 (I’m a creamy Belgian milk chocolate lover. Mmmmm…)

Amanda Young said...

Eek...tofu. I can't stand the stuff. lol.

Christine said...

I love tofu in stir fry. Very tasty. And sweet potato fries are better than regular ones, IMO. But I'd never say no to any of them. :)

N.J.Walters said...

Glad you liked the list, Daisy! I couldn't eat creamy garlic dressing. *shudder* LOL

N.J.Walters said...

LOL I don't eat tofu, Amanda, so much as chicken made from tofu. Okay, so I guess that means I do eat tofu, but you know what I mean. Looks just like chicken pieces and tastes yummy!

N.J.Walters said...

These days, you can buy all kinds of tofu and veggie meats, Christine. It's great! And I love sweet potato fries. YUM! Hmmm...I think there's a sweet potato in the refrigerator...

Michelle Pillow said...

Had tofu a few times. It's not bad if cooked hard. :)

Lauren Dane said...

Yum! I can't believe you don't like tofu, I love it!!! Not out of the carton or anything (ew) but in curry, love it! Oh and cheese, yep, mmmm, cheese!

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

You make healthy sound goooood!
I love Veggie Quesadillas, and dark chocolate is my passion!

Heidi Blackstone said...

It's a 'no' to the tofu but a big 'yes' to the fries, spaghetti, and baked potato - as long as it's garlic butter mmmmm - going to get something to eat now :)

N.J.Walters said...

I've actually only eaten tofu once, Michelle. Mostly, I buy the products like veggie-meats where it's a final product. Love those "chicken" strips. *g*

I have to have cheese, Lauren. It's one of those foods I absolutely adore.

The change in eaten was gradual, R.G. but I love eating this way. I'm a plain eater--don't like a lot of spices and sauces.

Writing this blog entry made me hungry, Heidi. We're having spaghetti for supper, with lots of cheese on top. :-)

Nicole Austin said...

Tofu chicken burgers...gack! The rest sounds great. I'd have to add pizza to the list though. :D

Tilly Greene said...

Yup, love them all...although I've been hooked on a mozzarella cheese and corn bites, yummy!

Although, instead of writing today I finished my Cadbury's Easter egg from the cutie...hmmm.

shelley said...

A fellow vegetarian. I'll just take your list and call it mine :)
I'm with you about butter. I don't like substitutes no matter how sexy the models are advertising them!

N.J.Walters said...

Mozza and corn bites sounds yummy, Tilly. And so does the Easter egg!

I'm definitely with you on the butter/margarine issue, Shelley. If I have no idea what the ingredients are, I don't want to put them in my body.

charleneteglia said...

Now that you've made me hungry, I'm thinking it's been a while since I made tofu lasagna.

Lori said...

The cheese, chocolate and butter would be right up there on my list!
And the salad, too, but I'm a bleu cheese girl. I loooove a salad filled up with cruchy, colorful veggies. All the red, yellow, orange, green peppers, red radishes, cucumbers, sprouts, yummy!

But the chocolate would still be first up :)

N.J.Walters said...

Tofu that sounds yummy, Charli.

That's one cheese I can't bring myself to even try, Lori. LOL But you can never go wrong with chocolate.