Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chilly...I mean Chili Anyone?

The days have certainly turned colder. We had our first frost this week. Brrrrr!

So, I decided it was time to make a great big pot of vegetarian chili. Or as I like to call it, vitamins in a pot. LOL Chili is soooo good, but it's also very good for you.

Think about it--olive oil, garlic, green onions, celery, carrots, sweet peppers, crushed tomatoes, kidney beans, chilli powder, molasses, and mushrooms, all topped with grated cheese. YUM!

The nice thing about chilli is that you can make a huge pot of the stuff, enjoy a meal, and freeze the rest. I now have three meals of chili in the freezer.

What are some of your favorite cold-weather meals?


Kathy said...

Wow you've changed the way to post comments on your blog. This'll take some getting used to.:-) I don't really have a favorite cold weather food, but my favorite cold weather drink is hot chocolate. Nothing like a cup of hot cocoe with marshmallows to help keep away the chill.

AE Rought said...

We do meaty chili here--I have a pack of carnivores that would snort at veggie chili *sigh* I love to make different stews, and potatoe soup, too. A steaming bowl of potatoe soup, with a fresh piece of crusty home baked bread...oh yummy

I think I'll put that on next week's menu!

Anonymous said...

Hi NJ.

Just had to post today. I'm sitting here with a blanket over my legs, drinking hot coffee waiting for the heater guy to come fix our heater. We've had our first frost warnings this week and it's weeks too early for them.

Tonight we are having Loaded Baked Potato soup (take out the bacon and it would work as veggie but not as good...*ggg*). Last nights Southwestern Chicken Tortilla soup would be a bit healthier and would work without the chicken.

Enjoy your chili and if you want to really be bad...serve some of it over a hot dog...that's a favorite for all of us here...*ggg*

N.J.Walters said...

Sorry about that, Kathy. I had to go and check what you were talking about because I hadn't changed anything. At least not on purpose. LOL So I think I fixed it!

Hot chocolate and marshmallows are perfect for a chilly day!

N.J.Walters said...

Meaty chili works just as well!

Homemade soup and crusty bread sounds absolutely yummy, AE!

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Kelly.

I've had my blanket out for a few weeks now. It goes over my legs while I'm watching television or reading. Hope the heater guy gets there soon.

Baked potato soup sound perfect for a cold day...without the bacon, of course. *g* Unless I use veggie bacon. :-)