Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Season is it Anyway?

I was out shopping with my hubby this morning and noticed that the Halloween candy, costumes and decorations are now vying for space with Christmas stuff. I've noticed bits and pieces of Christmas decorations popping up in stores here and there, but this was full out Christmas. Walmart had several empty aisles lined with boxes and employees stacking boxes of lights and hanging ornaments on hooks.

Now, I love Christmas. Heck, I even bought a pack of Christmas cards this morning. Why? Because if you wait there won't be any left. Stores are getting earlier and earlier with the seasonal stuff. By the time Halloween arrives, there won't be any Halloween left in the stores. It will all be Christmas.

Don't get me wrong. I was in retail for 20 years, so I understand marketing. But, where I worked, we waited until November 1st to put up the Christmas decorations.

I wonder how we all survived years ago when stores actually waited for one season to be over before changing their displays. I miss it. Today's society is geared to always be looking ahead rather than to be enjoying where we are.

By the time Christmas arrives the Valentines will be on the shelves!

I've packed away the Christmas cards and plan on enjoying the fall/Halloween season to the fullest for the next two weeks. I only hope I'll remember where I put the Christmas cards when I need them.


Anny Cook said...

Heh. Isn't that the way? I'm with you, NJ. I wish they would wait until the season actually gets here!

Have a great afternoon!

Kathy said...

My grandmother worked in the luggage department of Wannamaker's before it became Macy's. Anyway, every year the Xmas display went up beside her department. They put up the display every year in, get this, AUGUST. The worst part was they had this singing Santa that started to sing every time someone walked past it. This display was on the second floor right next to the escalator. My grandma, by the time it came down in January, was ready to commit murder on this singing Santa.

I haven't understood the early displays either. Winter clothes come out in summer when it's so hot no one is thinking about buying warm clothes. Then, when we need the warm clothes we find that the stores have out the bikinis. It's completely insane. I can understand bringing stuff out a little early so people have a chance to buy before they absolutely have to, but it has gotten ridiculous.

charleneteglia said...

It's so true. We had to buy Halloween costumes way early, because by the time it's a week before Halloween, they'll be gone.

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Ladies!

So, it's not just me. LOL

Your poor grandmother, Kathy. I can't imagine having to deal with Christmas from August to the end of December.

And I agree totally about the clothing!

That's so true, Charli. The "seasonal" aisles at Walmart were being changed while we were there. The Halloween stuff had been shifted to about half the size it filled last week and the now empty aisles were being filled with Christmas stuff.

Tempest Knight said...

I know! Totally weird! Halloween isn't over yet, and all I see is Christmas decorations in every store. Man, I'd appreciate some Halloween spirit when I walk in.