Thursday, September 24, 2020

How a Song Can Inspire an Entire Series

How a song can inspire an entire series...

I'm over at Fresh Fiction talking about this and more about BURNING ASH, the latest in the Forgotten Brotherhood series.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Welcome to Autumn

Happy Fall Equinox!

Welcome to the first full day of Autumn! I love this time of year--the crisp air, the colorful leaves, apples, Thanksgiving, Halloween and so much more. Hope you enjoy the fall!

I'm over at the Sweet 'n Sexy Divas Blog

I'm over at the SWEET 'N SEXY DIVAS BLOG sharing an excerpt from BURNING ASH, the latest book in my Forgotten Brotherhood series.

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If you're looking for a paranormal romance to read, I'm sharing a few few of my personal favorites over at Frolic Media. 

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Monday, September 21, 2020

I'm over at Delilah Devlin's Blog

I'm sharing an excerpt from BURNING ASH, the new book in my Forgotten Brotherhood series over at Delilah Devlin's blog today.

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Asher's book is finally here. I loved writing this book so much. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Burning Ash
Forgotten Brotherhood, Book 3

No one is more surprised than Asher, one of the oldest vampires on Earth, that he's attracted to vamp hunter Jo Radcliffe. She's smart, a talented slayer, and she's gorgeous. Something about her pulls at him, like no one ever has before. For a man, whose name strikes fear in everyone––this is something new and intriguing. And quite possibly deadly, if she discovers his secret.

Jo has two things in common with the handsome Asher––they are both slayers and someone is messing with them in a very-much-trying-to-kill-them way. She's not so happy about joining forces with a dude she doesn't know. But he's sexy as hell and really good at his job as one of the Forgotten Brotherhood, whose business it is to execute misbehaving paranormals.

She knows she's bait in a larger plot to harm Asher and the Brotherhood. And there is nothing he won't do, no line he won't cross, to keep her safe––which may be the weakness that destroys them both.


He sauntered out of the dark and fully into the candlelight. The flames flickered over his face, exposing a strong jaw, straight nose, and high forehead. His blond hair was pulled back in a short tail at his nape. His skin was olive-toned or tanned, hard to say. Piercing brown eyes stared at her.

Good looking was much to tame. Handsome didn’t fit either. There was something dangerous and predatory lurking beneath the surface. Primal. Compelling. Yeah, that was it.

It was time for her to leave.

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I'm over at the Decadent Divas Blog

I'm over a the Decadent Divas blog today sharing a teaser from my new release.

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Friday, September 04, 2020

Happy Labour Day Weekend!


It's the last "unofficial" weekend of summer. Hope you are all enjoying the Labour Day long weekend.