Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In the Beginning...

I'm over at the ALL ROMANCE EBOOK CAFE talking about my start in the erotic romance industry with Ellora's Cave. Stop by and check it out.

Also a reminder that this is the last day for the ARE 50% Rebate on Ellora's Cave books!

All during the month of April, ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS has 50% of all Ellora's Cave books!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thank you and an update

Thank you to all of you for your well wishes and good thoughts. Surgery went well, but I've had a few minor complications and am still resting my eye. Never thought I'd be tired of napping. *g*

Hope my eye will be back to normal by sometime this week. :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Napping and Recovering

I had eye surgery on Tuesday to hopefully fix the corneal erosions in my left eye. They laser off some layers of the cornea where the problem is and it takes 5-7 days to heal. That means I've had no books, no computer, no television for several days now! Mostly I've been napping. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal soon...or as normal as I get. *g*

(Gotta love being able to schedule blogs in advance. As I write this, I haven't had my surgery yet. By the time it posts on Friday I'll be recovering.)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Check out the amazing new cover for STRANDS OF LOVE, available from Ellora's Cave on May 10th!


Seventh in the Tapestries series.

Samantha Calloway is desperately working to keep her farm from financial ruin. It’s the only thing she has left from her deceased family and she’s determined to make it a success at any cost.

Darian and Jace Hunter live in a world where women are in short supply and brothers must share in a committed ménage. The magic tapestry has always brought a potential tapestry bride to Javara, but this time it transports the two brothers to a strange land.

When Samantha finds two strangers on her farm, she doesn’t buy their stories of magic tapestries and other worlds. When she suddenly finds herself in Javara, she doesn’t know what to believe. But she does know she has to make a choice—remain true to her family’s legacy, or abandon it all for a chance at love.

A Romantica® time travel erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Lucian's Delight

The Tuesday Teaser this week comes from LUCIAN'S DELIGHT, the second book in the Dalakis Passion vampire series.


Strong arms wrapped around her as he pulled her tighter into his embrace. Heat radiated from his massive body and she snuggled close to him, needing his warmth and comfort. He said nothing, but his chest rumbled as he made low comforting sounds.


He made her feel safe in a world gone mad. She owed him her life. She had called and he had come. Time had no meaning as she poured out her tears. When she was finally spent, she sniffed and scrubbed her hands over her face before finally raising it to look at her savior.

The moon came from behind the clouds, illuminating his face. Long black hair fell over his shoulders in a silky curtain, framing a face that was harsh, yet beautiful in its own way. His cheekbones were chiseled, his forehead high, and his lips thin. But it was his eyes that captured her. A brilliant emerald green, they were hard and cold as he looked out over the night, but the moment he sensed her gaze on him, they changed. Heat radiated from their depths as he raised his fingers to her face and carefully brushed away the remains of her tears.

Something about this man called to her on a very deep physical and emotional level. Delight knew that she was still shaken after her ordeal and that the last thing she should want was a man’s hands on her body. But her body wasn’t listening to her. It was totally illogical, but this stranger made her feel protected, cherished, and wanted.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, a day to reflect on what we all can do to help save our planet. What many governments and corporations don't seem to understand is that you can't eat or breathe money. If we don't save the resources we depend on for our survival nothing else will matter.

There are many small things we can all do:

1. Don't drive when you can walk or bike.
2. Turn off the lights when you're not in a room.
3. Keep your showers short.
4. Don't run the water when you're brushing your teeth.
5. Only run full loads in the washing machine.
6. Buy goods with less packaging.
7. Make sure you dispose of toxic materials properly.
8. Don't litter.

These are just a few small things that can make a big difference. To find out more about Earth Day you can check out the EARTH DAY NETWORK.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mark of the Bear now Available!

MARK OF THE BEAR is available today from Samhain Publishing! This is the second book in the Hades' Carnival series. Hold on because the carnival ride just got crazier!


At twenty-nine, Hollywood scream queen Kellsie Morris is acutely aware the clock is ticking on her career. Luckily, the one big role she needs to pad her retirement fund has just come through—the story of an immortal, shape-shifting warrior trapped in a carnival run by the Devil’s minions.

When Kellsie arrives on set, she can’t resist climbing aboard an amazingly realistic carousel bear—and finds herself flung into a world where the horror is real. As real as the heat radiating off the half-naked hunk in her arms.

Marko has waited an eternity for the chance to free his goddess, the Lady of the Beasts, and his fellow warriors from an ancient curse. But once he lays eyes on Kellsie, he knows to the bottom of his soul that his purpose is to protect her life.

But in this hellish game, it’s the Devil’s move. And there’s no predicting when and where the final, brutal stroke will fall—and which lover will pay the ultimate price.



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

The EC Cavemen now have their own Facebook page!

From Ellora's Cave Publishing:

Ready for that special Cavemen treat? Ellora's Cave Cavemen. All the time. We know how much you love our guys. Introducing a (Facebook) fan page all about the EC Cavemen. Like this page for sexy pictures, the latest news, and hot performances from the EC Cavemen. And don't forget to share it with your friends! There's enough of them for everybody!

Click this link: ELLORA'S CAVE CAVEMEN

Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 Blue Ribbons for Mark of the Bear

Romance Junkies has given MARK OF THE BEAR an amazing 4 Blue Ribbon review!

"Wow!  MARK OF THE BEAR is just as good as its predecessor, NIGHT OF THE TIGER. I know that this is only book two in N.J. Walter’s Hades Carnival series. However, I am totally captivated by the thrillingly, chilling storyline carried across each installment. I was hooked from start to finish...Their sexual encounters are mega hot and wickedly intense. Whew!  MARK OF THE BEAR is one tale not to be missed!"
~Contessa, Romance Junkies  


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: By the Book

This week, the Tuesday Teaser comes from BY THE BOOK, which is part of the Jamesville series.


Unable to resist, he moved closer to her. As if she sensed him behind her, she jerked upright. “What are you doing?”
      “This.” Reaching out, he stroked his thumb over her cheek, brushing at the dirt there. “You have a smudge right here.”

“Oh.” A tinge of pink colored her face. He was fascinated by how easily she blushed. Her pupils dilated as he ran his thumb over the bridge of her nose. “I must have gotten that when I was down in the basement earlier.”

 “No problem.” Her skin was so soft beneath his calloused fingers. He wanted to run his hands over her entire body, learning her curves, searching out all her sensitive spots.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Thank You to my Readers and Fellow Authors

Technology and I have a love/hate relationship, and I have great respect, and not a little envy, for those people who find it so easy to navigate this brave new world.

Those of you who know me understand that technology does not come easy to me. Heck, I just learned how to program the DVR and we've had it for almost two years. I figure better late than never. These past eight years since I started my writing career, I've been on a steep learning curve. I've gone from not knowing what a Yahoo group was to being a part of them. I have my own website, blog, newsletter and Facebook page. Recently, I joined Twitter. Through it all, I've struggled some, shed a few tears, but mostly I've learned that I can do something if I keep trying. It's not easy for me, but I do it anyway, and I'm glad I do.

Therefore, I want to take the time to thank all of my writer friends and readers who help me along the way by retweeting or reposting my news, for adding their reviews to Goodreads (which I'm still haven't joined) and Amazon, for reading my newsletter and blog and checking out my website and sharing the news with their friends.

You have no idea how much this means to me. I love to write and will never stop. It's the "other" side of the writing business that gives me trouble sometimes. But I'm constantly learning and doing things I never imagined I could do. I even update my own website. Don't understand HTML code, but I've figured out how to cut and paste like a pro and make the changes I need to make. It's frustrating and fun, depending on the day.

So, once again, to all of you who have ever liked, shared, reposted, reviewed or even read one of my books...

You have no idea of the difference you've made in my life.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

EC Authors at All Romance eBooks

Ellora's Cave Science Fiction and Futuristic writers share what they love about their stories at ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS. Stop by and check it out!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

All Romance Ebook has 50% off Ellora's Cave Books

All during the month of April, ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS has 50% of all Ellora's Cave books!

Be sure to check them all out, including my RT Award Nominated book


She was almost through the first strap when she sensed the air behind her stirring. Silence continued to saw frantically at the restraint. He was here. He’d made no sound, and she’d been listening, but he was here. As always, she could sense his very presence, as though the air shifted and made way for him wherever he went.

“You’re resourceful.” His voice was deep and dark and raspy. His words made her shiver with dread. He didn’t sound particularly mad about her escape attempt. He didn’t sound anything at all. His total lack of emotion was more frightening than if he’d bellowed in anger.

Silence almost sobbed with relief when the leather strap gave way. She clawed at the second strap, getting it undone. Not pausing to even think about why he was allowing her to do so, she sawed at the strap around her waist. Blood from several shallow wounds on her wrist dripped down her fingers making it more difficult for her to work.

“How do you plan to get past me?” His question was thoughtful, almost as though he was curious about her intentions.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Finding Chrissten in PRINT

I'm thrilled to announce that FINDING CHRISSTEN is now available in PRINT from Samhain Publishing!


She escaped hell. Now love must capture her heart.

Legacy, Book 5

For eighteen horrific months, Chrissten Lawton was at the mercy of a crazy doctor and his pureblood werewolf flunky. She was subjected to experiments, beaten, mated against her will…and fading fast.

Just as she reaches the breaking point, the Haven pack comes to her rescue. Although any strange male makes her nervous, one of her rescuers stays by her side night and day, and something within her responds to this wolf’s gentleness.

From the moment Hank Brewer picked up Chrissten’s unique scent, he’s been driven to help her overcome her trauma-fed fears. He may be a half-breed, but he never does anything halfway. As he dedicates every waking moment to her healing, their fragile link leads them toward something they both hesitate to name.

But the danger isn’t past. Chrissten’s mate is still on the loose and he won’t rest until she—and the rest of Haven’s females—are taken for the cruel enjoyment of his rogue pack. Even though Hank would give his life to save her, the biggest challenge lies ahead. Admitting their love to each other.



Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: The Return of Patrick O'Rourke

This week the Tuesday Teaser is from THE RETURN OF PATRICK O'ROURKE, book 3 in the Jamesville series.



The solemn expression on her face was replaced by a tentative smile. “I wasn’t sure you’d remember me.”

Her simple pleasure washed over him like a warm wave. What the hell was going on with him? He didn’t want to feel this way. He retreated immediately, shutting down all emotion. “Sure I remember,” he replied gruffly.

Her smile disappeared and her nervousness returned. “Here’s your menus. I’ll be back to take your orders in a minute.” She backed away, almost stumbling into the table behind her before turning and scurrying away to the kitchen.

“Man, you still have the touch with the women.” Shamus picked up the menus and handed one over to him. “Way to scare her away.”

“I didn’t scare her away.” He grabbed the menu from his brother. “I hardly said anything to her.”

“It wasn’t what you said, but how you said it. You’re one scary son-of-a-bitch when you want to be.” That said, Shamus opened his menu and perused his choices.

Monday, April 01, 2013

April Newsletter

The April 2013 issue of Awakening Desires—the Newsletter of Romance Author N.J. Walters—is now available.

Be sure to check out all the latest news, contests, my husband’s popular column—Confessions of a Romance Author’s Husband—an excerpt, and this month’s interview with the talented Michelle Pillow.
  As always, some lucky newsletter subscriber wins a prize. All you have to do to be eligible to win is go to Awakening Desires Newsletter and join. While you’re there, you can check out back issues of the newsletter.