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Writer Wednesday--Rhian Cahill

This week I'm welcoming Rhian Cahill to Writer Wednesday! ~NJ

Thanks for having me today NJ.

We all know hearts are wild right? Well the Moreland boys are certainly finding that out in my Hearts Are Wild series.


In the latest release – Mad Love – Toby Moreland gets a little ‘mad’ over Madison Keibler.


Blurb –

History teacher Madison Keibler is aloof, uptight, prim and proper—and Toby Moreland’s unlikely obsession. He doesn’t understand why the newest staff member at their private high school intrigues him, he only knows he has a burning need to loosen her severe bun, strip her of those dowdy schoolmarm clothes and dirty her up a bit. As the shy, naïve Mad becomes his own personal bad girl, she quickly goes from the woman he can’t stop touching, to the woman he can’t live without.


A sheltered only child raised by cold, scholarly parents, Madison’s been a student most of her life. Now Toby’s giving her the education she never knew she was missing. And not just sex, though his expertise in that area could fill volumes. He’s given her dozens of new experiences, from the joys of a simple walk on the beach at sunset, to the excitement of live sports, to what it’s like to be part of a big, boisterous, loving family. For the first time in her life, she’s living in the moment and loving every second.


But the ultimate experience for both may be sacrifice, after a single careless second threatens to destroy their new, crazy, unexpected mad love.


Excerpt –

All was quiet as she made her way along the moonlit hall. They were staying in a six-bedroom cottage. It was one of the original buildings on the grounds and the renovation work done to accommodate overnight stays of school groups had kept with the architecture of the original 1800s building. Each of the rooms had a rustic charm—including the two dorm-like rooms lined with bunks—except the kitchen and bathrooms. Those had all the bells and whistles of modern convenience.

Rounding the doorway into the bathroom, she collided with a hard bare chest. The bundle in her arms crashed to the floor on impact and strong arms wrapped around her tightly, forcing her against a wall of heat.

“Whoa.” Hot mint-scented breath bathed her face.


Madison closed her eyes. Her heart beat against her rib cage, the thuds reverberating through her torso to settle low in her stomach. They were pressed together from her chest to her knees, and her hands were splayed on the hot stretch of muscle covering his midsection.

“You okay?” His deep voice rumbled through her.

She swallowed. Trembled. “Y-yes.”

“Steady on your feet?”

Her legs shook and she leaned into him, her face pressing into his warm chest.

The steel band of his arms tightened. “Madison?”

Her hands flexed, her fingertips inching across his hot flesh, her thumbs moving a fraction lower and encountering the towel wrapped around his hips.

Heat rolled over her. From her curling toes upwards, as though she were slowly sinking into a hot bath; it rose up, tightening and tingling and leaving her breathless.


He spoke into her hair, the rush of warm breath over her scalp sending a shiver down her spine. The scent of mint and soap and something she couldn’t name surrounded her, cocooning her in a bubble of alluring warmth. His muscles rippled beneath her fingers and her mouth watered with the desire to kiss him, lick him—taste every inch of his exposed hot skin.

More unfamiliar urges flooded her. She knew what they were. Knew from an educated position that what she was experiencing was arousal. Sharp and fierce. She’d felt it before, only never this strongly.

Madison tried to catalog each sensation—each emotion—but her reactions were so extreme to any she’d known it was hard to keep track of them. Hard to know what to do with them.

“Madison!” He gave her a little shake. “Are you okay?”

“I…” God what was she doing, plastering herself against him? Feeling him up? She lurched backwards, stepping out of his arms. “Sorry. I didn’t see you.”

“No worries.” She could hear the smile in his voice, if not see it clearly on his face. “I’m finished.”

“I’ll come back.”

“No need.” He bent towards her and she jumped back for fear of touching him again. “Let me help you grab your stuff.”

Madison stifled a gasp when he dropped at her feet. The moonlight filtering into the hall sparkled off his back, highlighting the undulating muscles in his shoulders, along his spine, as he picked up her toiletries bag and nightgown.

Oh god. He scooped up her underwear.

She held her breath as he slowly rose to his full height. Her eyes felt huge as she stared at Tobias. Before he could say anything—think anything—she snatched her things from his hands and rushed around him into the bathroom. Whirling around, she grabbed the door, all but yelling “thank you” as she slammed it shut between them.

Resting her forehead on the solid timber, Madison barely held off thumping her head against the hard surface. She was such an idiot.

She was attracted to Tobias. Intensely.

And he’d had his hands on her underwear!

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About Rhian –

Rhian Cahill is the alter ego of a stay-at-home mother of four. With motherly duties rapidly dwindling Rhian is able to make use of the fertile imagination she used to keep herself sane for all those years of slavery. Having spent some years living overseas and visiting tropical climates has helped inspire some steamy stories. Multi-published in erotic romance and contemporary romance, Rhian, with the help of Mr. Muse, spends her days and nights writing.

When not glued to the keyboard you’ll find her book in hand avoiding any and all housework as much as possible. For more on Rhian visit her here –
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Weekend Book Club--Loving Deviant by Laurann Dohner

This week I read LOVING DEVIANT by Laurann Dohner. This is the 9th book in her Cyborg Seduction series. Long before I fell in love with her New Species series, I loved her cyborgs. Glad to see another book in this series.

What are you reading this week?


After barely surviving a horrific accident, then being held captive for years by Earth Government, Venice must escape the planet. She thinks she’s found the answer to her prayers when she contracts to be a deep-space bride—only to find herself facing an even bigger nightmare. Hiding from her con man “husband” aboard his space station, she comes across an intimidating cyborg…one who could just be her last hope.

 Deviant is humiliated when his father suggests he visit a pleasure center to make use of a sex bot. True, the defects he was born with have assured female cyborgs will never consider adding him to a family unit. But he still has his pride. The woman who enters the room, however, is incredibly lifelike, and she quickly has Deviant feeling things he’d never dreamed—right until the moment he finds out she’s human. Sort of…

Venice needs Deviant’s help to get off the space station. Deviant is lonely, and in need of someone to teach him how to pleasure a female. They strike a bargain, one that has Venice giving up her freedom. But soon it’s her heart that’s at greater risk. It’s easy loving Deviant…even when others are determined to make it difficult.

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Writer Wednesday--Mary Hughes

I want to welcome author Mary Hughes to my blog for Writer's Wednesday.
Thanks, NJ, for having me here as part of your Writer’s Wednesday!

I love reading sexy, fast-paced stories laced with magic. I love writing the stories of my heart. But one of my greatest delights is sharing the lovely covers!

“I’ve got a new book.” I’ve had all sorts of reactions to that, from a heartening “Yay!” to a plastic grin and eyes flicking for the nearest exit, lol. But everyone loves the cover art. I can see it by the sparkle in their eyes.

A great cover evokes the mood of the story. Evoking the magic, heart-rending love, high-octane adventure, wicked fun, and sheer sexiness that’s in Pull of the Moon—all in one picture? I’d have said it couldn’t be done. But Scott Carpenter of P and N Graphics ( and Elle J Rossi of EJR Digital Arts ( make it look easy.

What about you? Which cover is your favorite?

Mind Mates (Pull of the Moon book 2)

Pretty little shifter, wizard prince—their taboo love could burn the barriers between worlds.

Shifter Emma Singer has more problems than she can shake her pretty little wolf tail at. Her heirloom journal is missing, her pack alpha wants her for his harem, and her family plans to sell her to him. Even her wicked little crush on her hot boss is doomed—why would six-and-a-half feet of handsome royal wizard want a boring, good-girl iota shifter like her? Not to mention her only power is going berserker—that's a real relation-shipwreck!

Gabriel Light is a wizard prince who turned his back on his exceptional powers after he was accused of causing his parents' death. Now he pours his intellect into his tech business, and hides his naughty, forbidden lust for his pretty shifter clerk. But when his sister is imprisoned, and Emma is kidnapped, it's time for this alpha geek-wizard to decloak with all laser cannons blazing. Only one problem—how can he be sure Emma won’t get caught in the crossfire?

Then Gabriel and Emma stumble on hidden magic, a key to power beyond imagining—if they can stay alive long enough to use it. But if Emma unleashes her berserker wolf on their enemies, can Gabriel draw her back from the brink before she destroys everyone in her path?

Warning: Contains a hot wizard prince panting to bring out a good-girl shifter's naughty side. Accidental voyeurism, deliberate orgasms, a jealous rival wizard, and fun with prophecy.



Enjoy this excerpt from Mind Mates:

Wolf/witch relationships are taboo, forbidden by the Witches’ Council on pain of death. But wizard Gabriel and wolf shifter Emma are alone for the first time with no prying eyes...

Doubt rose anyway. In the two months Emma had been working for Gabriel, she’d learned his every mood. If he really wanted her, if he’d read her desire for him, why wasn’t he here satisfying her? Satisfying them? “What’s wrong?”

He clenched his fists, his belly churning rapidly with his panted breaths. “Emma, I need to know… Is it you, or is it your wolf?”

Then she understood. He thought this was her wolf goading her to lift her tail for the creature with the most testosterone—or actually, in this universe, about the only creature with testosterone.

He needed a sign from her that she really wanted him.

The sweetheart. The big lug. “Of course it’s me wanting you. I’ve wanted you from the moment I laid eyes on you.” When he still didn’t move, she made an exasperated noise. “I’ve wanted you from the moment I heard your first bad joke.”

He was on her like a monster truck roaring down the road. Big, overpowering, making her jump back automatically, but it was too late. He snared her in his powerful arms, cinched her tight to his muscular torso, bent his great frame, and kissed her.

Blazing hot lips landed on hers.

Two months of need exploded on contact. It was less a kiss and more a mating of mouths. His tongue pried as if desperate to get in. She spread her lips wide in welcome. He dove in with a sigh, as much relief as desire.

Her heart pounded as their breath mingled and their tongues tangled. He tasted of dark, rich magic. His muscled body pressed against her so hard she felt imprinted by the rocky mounds. She wriggled in pleasure.

With a groan, his mouth opened wide, his jaw beginning to work as his tongue speared into her like a javelin. Tasting her, branding her with his taste, filling her with his power. Excitement driving her, she stretched up, clasped her wrists behind his neck, and pulled herself onto her toes for more.

His hands slid down her back to the bottom of her shirt. Grasping the hem, he tore it up her body, hard enough that she had to let go or get her arms ripped off. As it was, her ID bracelet flew off and one button popped when he yanked the top over her head, barely breaking the kiss before seizing her head in both hands and tonguing her deep. She opened wide and accepted him, all of him.

She tried to tear off his sweater vest in return, barely ruching it a foot up his torso before it caught on the flare of his lats.

Lifting his mouth from hers, he muttered, “Clothes off.

When he pressed against her this time, it was naked skin to naked skin.


Also in this series:

Masked Attraction (Pull of the Moon Prequel)

Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon book 1)



Mary Hughes

Who am I? A lover of stories that crackle with action and emotion. A mother, a flutist, a binge-TV-watcher of NCIS, Sherlock, and Agents of SHIELD.

I write steamy, wickedly funny romance including the Pull of the Moon series of witch/shifter love and the Biting Love series where sexy, gritty vampires meet small town mayhem. My martial arts background means the action is real.

Most of all, I'm a believer in grand passion.

I love to hear from readers!


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New Cover!

Check out my new cover for EMBRACING SILENCE, book 1 of the Project Alpha trilogy, releasing from Carina Press in October, 2016.
(This book was originally published in 2009 by Ellora's Cave.)

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Writer Wednesday--Marie-Nicole Ryan

Two bodies and counting…  A hit man on the prowl…


HUNTED by Marie-Nicole Ryan
Hill Country Lawman, book 1


Los Marcos County Sheriff Vincent Tate stands for law and order. Always has. Absolutely nothing deters him from this mission. Not even his cheating wife who ran away with one of the bank VPs. More and more, Vince is drawn to his old love, sexy-as-sin pharmacist Abby Fields who’s come back to Kenton Valley to run her late father’s drug store. But he’s not free.


Inevitably, they are pulled together the same day an intruder breaks into Abby’s home and two bodies are discovered on Vince’s ranch, complicating and threatening everything. With their lives and his job on the line, he’ll do whatever it takes to find the killer and win Abby’s heart for once and for all.



©2016 Marie-Nicole Ryan

All rights reserved, Ryandale Publishing

Abby squared her shoulders and leveled a sharp look at the EMT. “Suzanne Griggs, I know it’s my brain. I helped you study for your EMT exams, and don’t you forget it.”

Vince held back a groan. “Enough, ladies! I need to find out what happened here. Abby?”

Abby held up a finger. “One minute, Sheriff.” She turned to Griggs. “I’ll be fine, but if I experience nausea, blurred vision, or increased pain, I’ll take myself to the ER.” With a sweet smile, she turned back to Vince. “Okay. I’m ready to answer your questions.”

The assault hadn’t done much to dampen Abby’s attitude. She’d always been on the lively side. He jerked his head in the direction of the house. “Let’s sit on the porch. We can talk there.”

Her gaze caught his. “The porch? Wanna sit on the swing, too? I seem to remember…” Her voice trailed off, her meaning clear.

Damn. Now why had he chosen the porch to question her? The same wide porch with the same seductive swing where they’d necked as teenagers. Damn. Why couldn’t he keep from thinking about the old days?

“Chair’ll be fine,” he said, his tone gruff. Keep your mind on the business at hand.

She walked ahead of him on the flagstone walkway. Her almost black hair, cut shorter than when they were in high school, skimmed the collar of her red top. Red—her best color. Tan slacks encased her long legs and fit her hips just tight enough.

Those long legs and how they’d wrapped around his waist their first time together—the first time for both of them as it turned out. There was no way he could keep his mind on anything but her. He swore under his breath.

She looked over her shoulder. “What was that?”


“If you say so.” She shrugged, giving him a playful glance.

“Have a seat.” Remaining standing, he pulled out his case notepad.

She sat on a flowery cushioned chair. She shot him a wry smile. “You know this is the most you’ve had to say to me since the night you told me you’d arrested my father’s killer.”

“Tell me what happened,” he said, ignoring her comment. The past was the past. Better left that way.




Marie-Nicole lives and writes in western Kentucky. Romantic suspense is her favorite genre to read and write, but she has a naughtier side, as evidenced by her erotic historical western romance series, Loving the Lawman.


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LASR Anniversary Party and Giveaway

I'm part of the LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS 9th Anniversary Party running from August 15-26.

Stop by and check out my blog post about the Joys of Summer. I've even included a recipe for a icy cold adult drink for you to enjoy on a hot summer day.

While you're there, be sure to enter the LASR contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card, books, and more.

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Literary Misfit Reviews Wolf in his Heart

LITERARY MISFIT has given Wolf in his Heart a 4-star review!

"Wolf in His Heart was a quick read, but it wasn't lacking for heat or drama. The story sucked you in and showed you what it was for an outsider to see the makings of a great pack, one who accepts everyone, all of its members, for who they are and what they do for the pack.  The bonds between the members in the pack are visible even before you hear their stories.  Rina and Sage's bond comes natural and it made sense they'd fall for each other."

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Throwback Thursday--Book Edition (Summer Games by Elizabeth Lowell)

While this book doesn't seem to be available in ebook, you might be able to find it used.

Summer Games by Elizabeth Lowell, Silhouette Intimate Moments #57, was first published in 1984. Considering the Summer Olympics are on, it seemed an appropriate choice.

UPDATE: Seems it is available in ebook under the title Remember Summer.


Raine Chandler-Smith belied her slight figure with a surprising strength. She had the skill, timing, and sheer guts it took to guide a Thoroughbred through grueling cross-country endurance events. For Raine, the Olympics was the culmination of a lifetime of competition.

For Cord Elliot, the Olympics was a dangerous assignment--to guard against a terrorist attack. And Raine, the woman of softness and surprising steel who beguiled him from the first, was the prime target.

A core of the same wild courage drew them together. But danger swirled around them, and it would take all their fierce will to protect their love.

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Writer Wednesday--Robin Lovett

I'm happy to welcome Robin Lovett to my blog this week! ~N.J.

Robin Lovett: Racing To You

It’s summer time. A time for travel, a time for vacation, a time for leisure reading, and so I invite you to treat yourself to a trip to France with RACING TO YOU. (Sexy athletes in spandex included.)


Love—the one roadblock they never expected.

Aurelia is living her dream, teaching for a year in the south of France. Except it’s all going wrong. The carefree culture is challenging her academic goals, and her students are so difficult that she wants the unthinkable: to give up and go home.

Meeting Terrence doesn’t help. When he’s not training for the Tour de France, the cocky pro cyclist is flirting with Aurelia, but she didn’t cross an ocean to hook up with an American jock, even if he does have killer dimples and looks hot in spandex.

Until the jock sets out to prove he’s more than mere muscle. He wants to teach her what having fun really means, which could be as dangerous to her structured life as it is to her heart.

As life hits unexpected roadblocks, they turn to one another for support, and flirtation becomes game-changing love. But Terrence is chasing his dream of being the fastest man on two wheels, and she isn’t sure how far he’ll go to win…or how far she’s willing to follow.

Warnings: Includes a hopelessly romantic hero, a guilt-free sex proposition, a lot of orgasms and, of course, croissants.



The American guy shifts his feet, and his thigh contracts, bulges, like the muscle beneath the spandex is a singular living thing. It puckers around his knee cap. A physical manifestation of explosive power.


My cappuccino cup suspends in mid-air, all pretense of drinking it gone. I’m not someone who goes starry-eyed over guys. They’re just muscles. He’s just a man, but I can’t seem to help my gaze shifting upward, crossing over his crotch, where if I look too closely, I’ll notice things I don’t want to. Or I do want to. My throat works, and I might be turning scarlet, but the dizzying pizzazz of his uniform draws my eyes up and up.


I reach his face, and I jolt.


His light-brown eyes glow like amber, and one winks at me. “Do you speak English, sweetheart?” He has this dimple that divots in one cheek. If he were in a museum, I’d stare at him all day.


Maybe if I don’t respond, he’ll think I really am French and don’t understand his English. Unlikely. I’m totally missing the French je ne sais quoi. I’m not stylish, I’m not skinny, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t affect their suave manner. And since my parents are Filipino, add in my skin and features… Not many people mistake me for French.


Wait, he called me “sweetheart”. I am not sweet. I cement my eyes back to my book and mutter, “Go away, sweetheart.”


“Is that a yes?”


Damn it. I need my “social leper” sign. It doesn’t matter if I want to talk to him; my propensity to say the wrong thing has gotten me laughed at more than once.


The barista tattles on me. “Elle est américaine.” His thin lips stretch in a wry smile.


“Really?” The jock walks toward me. His shoes clap on the floor, but his swagger is louder, with more cockiness and attitude than a star footballer.


My heart lurches into panic mode.


He stops in front of me and rests his helmet against his hip. “What’re you reading?” He gestures with his espresso cup at my book.


I need relief from the nerves fusing in my gut. “Leave me alone.”


Jeers come from his teammates by the door. “Braker burns,” one says.


Braker. That’s a weird name.


He watches me, like he’s waiting for me to say more. The need to speak with someone from the same country as me wings like a caged bird in my chest. I want to say, “I’m Aurelia. Where are you from? What’s with the bike riding?”


His finger doodles on the page of my book, soft and swirling. It’s such a man’s hand, even his knuckles are muscular. “All right, Frenchie,” he says with mock forlorn.


“Frenchie?” My eyes flip up.


His lips curve in a smile so contagious that mine lift like he’s tugging them on a string. It’s been a long time since I smiled, as in full-face, cheek-bending, real deal smiled.


It somehow unravels my tongue. “How come you’re not having a croissant?”


“They’re good, huh?” He licks his finger and glides it over the crumbs on my empty plate. The leftover flakes stick to his finger. He sucks them into his mouth.


He has a mouth. And lips. Delectable and soft.


Duh, of course he has a mouth. My brain is pudding.


“Braker, let’s ride,” his friend says up front.


His eyes travel my face, like he’s searching for something. “See you tomorrow.” Then, with a wide walk and clapping shoes, he follows the other cyclists out the door.


Robin Lovett writes sexy contemporary romances, and Racing To You is her debut novel. Her next series, Bad Boys of Blackmail is scheduled for release the summer of 2017.
She enjoys writing romance to avoid the more unsavory things in life, like day jobs and housework. To feed her coffee and chocolate addictions, she loves overdosing on mochas. When not writing with her cat, she’s busy embracing untamable curly hair, cycling with her husband or adventuring in the outdoors with a laptop in her bag and a book in her hand. 
You can add Racing To You to your TBR Goodreads list or add it directly to your Kindle. Other purchase links and more sexy excerpts are available on her website She loves to chat on Twitter @LovettRomance, and you can find her every Sunday evening with other romance writers at #RWChat. She’s also on Facebook at