Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finding Chrissten in PRINT

FINDING CHRISSTEN is available for pre-order in PRINT from Amazon, but look what I got in the mail today! Doesn't it look pretty?

The book will be available for purchase on April 2nd. I was so surprised to get this today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Eternal Brothers

The Tuesday Teaser this week comes from ETERNAL BROTHERS, which is part of the Dalakis Passion vampire series.


Zane saw the man in question slinking out the side entrance of the garden, searching the darkness. So Cassidy sensed that someone was out here. It wouldn’t do to underestimate this man. He was a good cop. Or at least he had been. Now Zane was no longer sure. Turning, he walked swiftly down the street, careful to keep to the shadows. He wouldn’t learn much else tonight and wanted to return to his home to think.

He’d tried to resist the temptation of returning to New Orleans, but it was no use. He had to know the truth, not only for his own sake, but also for the protection of the people of this city.

And if the Dalakis brothers turned out to be what he feared they might be, then he’d be left with no choice.

He’d have to kill them.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fresh Fiction loves Mark of the Bear

 Mark of the Bear has received a wonderful review from Fresh Fiction!

"I loved MARK OF THE BEAR. It is a fantastic continuation of Hade's Carnival series by author N.J. Walters. With its fast action and interesting dialogue readers will be glued to the pages. Kellsie and Marko both work to accept the truth about their future, at first fighting the attraction then fighting together to survive. I liked that Kellsie is feisty and Marko solid and really intelligent about the modern world and of course the intimate scenes between the two are burning hot." ~Annetta Sweetko


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Night

Tonight is the biggest party in the movie business--The Oscars. I've been lucky enough to see a few of the nominated movies, not all, but enough to make the show interesting.

The quality of movies nominated this year is, in my humble opinion, the best crop in a few years. Zero Dark Thirty and Argo were inspired by true events in recent history, while Lincoln went back in time, but was no less riveting.

Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as Lincoln will probably win him another well deserved Oscar, but I'd love to see Hugh Jackman win for his roll in Les Miserables.

I have to say I wasn't keen on seeing Silver Linings Playbook, but hubby wanted to go so we did. It was fantastic! Jennifer Lawerence's performance was steller and Bradley Cooper really pushed himself in this role and did an incredible job. I think it will be a toss up between Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain in the best actress category.

I didn't see Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild or Life of Pi, but have heard only good things about them. I'll probably see them all eventually on DVR. The movie that people either loved or hated was Django Unchained, which is not really surprising considering the director. I'll be disappointed if Christoph Waltz doesn't win for best supporting actor. Even though I thought Tommy Lee Jones was riveting in Lincoln, Christoph Waltz was nothing short of brilliant.

So, I have the list of nominees printed off and hubby and I will make our picks of who we think will win. Tonight, we'll curl up on the sofa, have some snacks and watch all the fun. Gotta love the movies!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Book rating for Night of the Tiger!

Long and Short Reviews has given NIGHT OF THE TIGER a Best Book rating!

"Night of the Tiger is the first of NJ Walters’ limited series, Hades’ Carnival. This is a darker world than most that Ms. Walters has built. The characters are deeper, edgier and more conflicted than her usual folks, but they are as expertly crafted as any she has done."  ~Foxglove


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

4 Stars for Stroke of Sapphire

Night Owl Reviews has given STROKE OF SAPPHIRE 4 Stars!

"The dark spooky edge that Jake possesses was a major turn on at times and I found him downright delicious. Add in his overwhelming libido and stamina and my eyebrows were in my hairline more than not...  I went back and forth while reading this between sighs of envy and gasps of outrage. That means it was a good read, in case you’re wondering."  ~Chris, Night Owl Reviews


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Sweet Charity

The Tuesday Teaser this week comes from SWEET CHARITY, the final book in the Project Alpha trilogy. The other two books in the series are Embracing Silence and Have Mercy. This futuristic/erotic trilogy was so much fun to write!


“I think I can handle it.” Adrian prowled toward her and she took a step back. He was too big, too male, too powerful. In short, he was a man just like her father and husband. She shivered and locked her knees to keep from taking another step away. She’d come this far. There was no backing down.

Charity heard Derrick leave and close the door behind her, but she couldn’t take her eyes off Adrian. He was a large, sleek predator and she was very afraid that she was his prey.

Adrian circled her once before stopping behind her. She could feel his presence, the heat emanating from his large body. But more than that, she could sense the sheer power of the man. He was smart. He was tough. He was dangerous. And he was focused entirely on her.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mark of the Bear is Coming Soon

Look what's up on the Coming Soon Pages of Samhain Publishing!

MARK OF THE BEAR is coming on April 16th. Love this cover!


When the devil wants a deal, there’s no bowing out gracefully.

Hades’ Carnival, Book 2

At twenty-nine, Hollywood scream queen Kellsie Morris is acutely aware the clock is ticking on her career. Luckily, the one big role she needs to pad her retirement fund has just come through—the story of an immortal, shape-shifting warrior trapped in a carnival run by the Devil’s minions.

When Kellsie arrives on set, she can’t resist climbing aboard an amazingly realistic carousel bear—and finds herself flung into a world where the horror is real. As real as the heat radiating off the half-naked hunk in her arms.

Marko has waited an eternity for the chance to free his goddess, the Lady of the Beasts, and his fellow warriors from an ancient curse. But once he lays eyes on Kellsie, he knows to the bottom of his soul that his purpose is to protect her life.

But in this hellish game, it’s the Devil’s move. And there’s no predicting when and where the final, brutal stroke will fall—and which lover will pay the ultimate price.

Product Warnings
This book contains a heroine who’s a screamer—in and out of bed—and a warrior who gives a whole new meaning to “method”. After reading, please use caution when standing up. Your knees may be weak.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning Contest!

Spring is getting closer and that means Spring Cleaning! I was going through my bookshelves and found I had one PRINT copy of each of Katie's Art of Seduction, Erin's Fancy, Dalakis Embrace, Woven Dreams and Overtime, Under Him so I decided to have a contest!

Every Friday from March 1st to the 29th, I'll be drawing the name of one lucky reader and giving away one of these print books.

For details on how you can enter for a chance to win, just go to my WEBSITE and click on the "Contests" page.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


Take today to pamper yourself. Enjoy a glass of wine, some of your favorite candy and a nice dinner. Go to a movie or buy yourself that new book you've been wanting. If you have a special someone, I hope you both enjoy today.


The winner of the print copy of Candy Caresses in my Valentine's Day Contest is Dee Ferreira. Congratulations, Dee! I'll be mailing your book out today.

Thanks to all of you who entered the contest. Keep watching for another one coming soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Lassoing Lara

The Tuesday Teaser this week is from LASSOING LARA. This is a stand alone Ellora's Cave Quickie. It's also a part of the Courage Brothers of Texas series, which includes Tempting Tori, Lassoing Lara and Tracking Talia.


Knowing he’d put off the inevitable long enough, he took a deep breath and cracked open one eyelid. The sun was streaming in through the window. He swore under his breath, but forced his other eye open.

He blinked several times before things settled down. The room looked the same, the walls bare, the furniture sparse. Yup, he’d made it home last night in one piece. He’d have to thank his brothers for that.

It was time to try to move. He started to roll, but something tugged on his arm, pulling him back. “What the hell?” He turned his head, ignoring the throbbing at the base of his skull. What he saw made him swear again. His wrist was tied to the headboard. An experimental tug assured him that his other wrist was in exactly the same condition.

He as also buck naked under the sheets that bunched at his waist.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Thought you might be interested...

Here are a couple of articles I read over the past day or so and thought you might find them interesting.

Cave of Lust: Inside the largest publisher of erotic romance in the world by Ted Schultz. Check out this fascinating article about Ellora's Cave Publishing.

Also, check out this interesting post at Dear Author by All Romance Ebooks: What's Hot in Romance?  READ HERE

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Book of the Week--Last Kiss Goodnight by Gena Showalter

I was looking for something different to read and came across this book by Gena Showalter. I'm a big fan of her Lords of the Underworld series so I gave this one a try.

LAST KISS GOODNIGHT is the first book in Gena Showalter's Otherworld Assassins series. Showalter is a master at vividly painting the world of her characters. She creates a believable world and populates it with fascinating and mult-dimensional characters. While I did have trouble with some of the plot points, I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading the next one in the series.

If you're looking for a spicy hot read...this isn't it. But this is a beautiful love story. A real beauty and the beast/good vs evil tale that will leave you wanting more.


Black ops agent Solomon Judah awakens caged and bound in a twisted zoo where otherworlders are the main attraction. Vika Lukas, the owner’s daughter, is tasked with Solo’s care and feeding. The monster inside him yearns to kill her on sight, even though she holds the key to his escape. But the human side of him realizes the beautiful deaf girl is more than she seems—she’s his.


Vika endures the captives’ taunts and loathing, hoping to keep them alive even if she can’t free them. Only, Solo is different—he protects her. But as hostility turns to forbidden romance, his feelings for her will be used against him…and he’ll be put to a killer test.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Contest Reminder

Valentine's day is almost here and to celebrate I'm holding a contest! I'm giving away a PRINT copy of CANDY CARESSES.

This anthology contains 6 of the Ellora's Cave Valentine Vixens Quickies, including ANASTASIA'S STYLE, my story! It also contains stories by Desiree Holt, Lynn LaFleur, Nina Nash, Alison Paige and Christine McKay.

For details on how you can enter for a chance to win, just go to my WEBSITE and click on the "Contests" page. Winner will be chosen on February 14th!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

So, this is what I did yesterday...

I don't usually talk about my health. Actually, I'm usually the picture of health so it's not an issue. Like most folks my age (48) I've had a few problems over the years, but I've been incredibly lucky healthwise.
Since last October I’ve been having two separate problems with my left eye. A chalazion (a cyst in the eyelid that is caused by inflammation of a blocked gland) and recurrent corneal abrasion. I saw the eye specialist on January 2nd and he put me on drops for two weeks and cream for a month. Went yestereday for a follow-up appointment and he decides that the chalazion needs to be removed...TODAY!

Now, the doctor has a wonderful reputation medically, but he has the bedside manner of a goat. Without so much as an explanation of what is about to happen, he comes at me with a needle. Now, I have a problem with needles. I’m fine as long as I don’t have to watch them going in. Once they’re in, I’m fine. So, I usually just close my eyes and everything is okay.

You can see where this is going.

No way can I close my eye for this. He jabs me with the needle not once, but three times. I almost bolted after the second time. Hubby was there and let me squeeze his hand. Thankfully, I couldn’t see the procedure that took place next. (I read about it online when I got home and that was more than enough for me.) Hubby says he is scarred for life. I’m glad it’s done and I pray I never need it done again. I’m not sure I could go through it a second time.

Then the doctor announces I need laser surgery to correct the problem with the recurrent corneal abrasion. He slapped a bandage over my eye and sent us to an office across the hall to talk about getting the ball rolling for that procedure. By the time I got home my head was spinning and I admit I was feeling a little shaky.

I removed the bandage a couple hours later as instructed, ignoring the blood. Right now, I have a bit of a black eye from the procedure, but figure that will go away in a few days.
Honestly, I know I need the laser surgery since this problem hasn’t changed since last October and hasn’t cleared up with various medications, but I’m not looking forward to it. They say it will be five days to a week recovery. That means no writing or work for me for that length of time. But first I’ll have the appointment for the pre op stuff and to discuss the procedure. Then they’ll have to book the date for the surgery. One step at a time.

I know I’m very lucky that I can easily see a specialist and have these procedures and surgeries done. I’m very grateful for that. This stuff is annoying as heck because it’s been affecting my vision for months, but it’s not life or death. I just hope that when this is over and the dust clears I don’t have any more trouble with my eyes.
So that's my health update for now. Life is good and hopefully my left eye soon will be too.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: A Legal Affair

This week the Tuesday Teaser if from A LEGAL AFFAIR. This spicy hot contemporary romance is a stand alone read, but is part of the Jamesville series.


He straightened in his seat and then stood as she approached. His lips curved up in a sexy smile that made goose bumps break out on her skin. It was a smile of promise, of anticipation.

“Are you married?” She couldn’t believe she was asking that of a perfect stranger.

 “No. You?” His deep voice skated over the nerve-endings in her body, making her tingle.

She shook her head and the heat level in his eyes kicked up another notch. Much more and she wouldn’t need to wear her coat home even though it was the first of March and there was snow on the ground.

She reached out her hand and he took it, his larger, stronger one closing over hers briefly before releasing it. “Come with me.” Her voice was thick with invitation. There was no doubting what she was asking.

Without question, he followed her from the room, his hand heavy and warm at the small of her back.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fabric of Fate Nominated for Fan's Choice Award

I'm thrilled that FABRIC OF FATE, my Ellora's Cave ménage a trois/time travel book, has been nominated for an Erotic Ménage Romances Fan's Choice Award over at

You can VOTE HERE for all your favorite books and authors!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

5 Stars for Night of the Tiger

BOOK LOVIN' MAMAS has given Night of the Tiger a 5 Star Review! Here's a snippet of what the reviewer has to say.

"This was a fantastic read! The story was great, very well written, and the characters are some of her best! I loved her descriptions, of the demons and Hades, of The Lady of the Beasts and the shifters, even Aimee's art work, it really pulls you into the story and helps you see what the characters are seeing and feel what the characters are feeling! I can not wait for the next book in this series, I’m so looking forward to seeing where the author takes these wonderful characters! If you love paranormal romance, read this book! I kid you not, you will LOVE it!!!"


Friday, February 01, 2013

February Newsletter now Available

The February 2013 issue of Awakening Desires—the Newsletter of Romance Author N.J. Walters—is now available.

Be sure to check out all the latest news, contests, my husband’s popular column—Confessions of a Romance Author’s Husband—an excerpt, and this month’s interview with NY Times/USA Today Bestselling Author Laurann Dohner.
  As always, some lucky newsletter subscriber wins a prize. All you have to do to be eligible to win is go to Awakening Desires Newsletter and join. While you’re there, you can check out back issues of the newsletter.