Monday, May 31, 2010

June/July Newsletter Now Available!

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The June/July 2010 issue is now available!

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As well, some lucky newsletter subscriber wins a prize. This month's winner is Deena Churchill. Congratulations, Deena.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Week in Review!

It's been a busy week and will probably get a bit busier before the end of the month. I've been pushing hard to try to get several projects finished. My plan is to actually take a couple of months away from work this summer--probably June and July. I've been going nonstop since I published my first book back in October 2004. Now five and a half years later, I've published 43 ebooks and 21 print books. I also have five more books contracted. I need a bit of a break.

I've let my health slide these past few years. Not that I'm sick or anything. But I'm just not as healthy as I'd like to be. The great thing about working from home is that you work from home. lol The drawback is you're always working. Technically, I have more time to take care of myself, but it hasn't quite happened. I need to take some time and establish better habits.

Not that I won't be writing. *g* I don't think that's possible. But I won't be working on anything for a particular publisher. Instead, I'm going to let my imagination take me where it wants to go. Of course, I expect to get edits over the summer, so I may extend my time off to mid-August. Have to wait and see what happens.

BTW, there was a change in release date for my upcoming Ellora's Cave release. Lassoing Lara will now be released on July 2nd. That's a week earlier than I first thought. :-)

Enjoy the weekend. Keep safe and have fun!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seeking Charlotte gets 4 1/2 Siren Stone Review!

Brigit over at Siren Book Reviews has given Seeking Charlotte a 4 1/2 Siren Stone Review. Here's a snippet of what she had to say:

"A phenomenal concept, brilliantly written with well-developed characters and steamy love scenes...I have not read the first two, but this book works well as a stand-alone, although now I will be picking up the first two, so that I can see what has happened before and I am waiting impatiently for Book 4."

Read the entire review at Siren Book Reviews.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day!

To all the Canadians out there, I hope you are enjoyed the May 24th Weekend!

Have fun and stay safe.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Samhain Spring Showers Promo

I'm part of the Spring Showers promotion over at the Coffee Time Romance Forums this month. All May, Samhain authors have been posting excepts and giving away prizes. Check out the excerpts, post and be eligible to win!

I'm featuring an excerpt from Past Promises, from my Jamesville series. Be sure to check it out!

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Review!

The Romance Studio gave Embroidered Fantasies a 4 1/2 Hearts review! Here's a snippet of what reviewer, Lisa Freeman, had to say:

"N. J. Walters always delivers an exciting story with fantastic characters and a well developed plot...Embroidered Fantasies is heart-stopping erotic romance at its best! This is one you'll pull out to read when you want that ultimate feeling of love conquering all!"

To read the entire review, go to The Romance Studio.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Samhain Newsletter

Samhain is starting a newsletter to keep you informed about all the latest news and new releases. Sign up for the Samhain Publishing Newsletter today!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Audio Book!

Tempting Tori, my Ellora's Cave Quickie, is now available in Audio Book! I'm very excited. It's cool to hear someone reading your book...strange, but cool. *g*


Standing in the barn, looking out over his ranch, J.T. Courage knows there is nowhere else on earth he’d rather be. He has his brothers, a successful horse business and a new home on the land that’s belonged to his family for generations. The only thing missing is someone to share it all with. And he has just the woman in mind.

Victoria Abrams is leaving the man she loves. She can no longer pretend he will one day see her as more than a friend or housekeeper. But J.T. is not about to let the sexy woman who has tempted him for months with her lush body and beautiful face slip away without a fight.

Download a Sample!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Good morning and welcome to Friday and the start of the weekend. It's snowing outside. Yes, the white stuff is gently falling from the sky and covering the ground. Thankfully, it's not supposed to stick around and should turn to rain later.
And you wonder why I bought some sunflowers to cheer myself up?
Thought I'd post a picture so you could see them. They're cheerful and look wonderful in the china pitcher I found in a thrift store a few years back. It's chipped and the inside is no longer sealed so I can't use it for food, but it's perfect as a vase. I loved the shape and pattern too much not to buy it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain and Blueberry Cake

It seems as though it's been raining for about 95% of the month of May. I've seen the sun for a few hours here and there, but it's basically been a cold, rainy month. Some days it seems as though spring will never really arrive.

That's why I bought some sunflowers last weekend. They're bright and cheerful and remind me that warmer days are ahead. They look good sitting on my kitchen table in a Mason jar.

I also decided to make a blueberry cake. I have some frozen berries--left over from last summer's crop frommy mother's yard--so I measured out enough for the recipe. It's a taste of summer, which I needed right about now.

Hopefully the weather will take a turn for the better soon and spring will finally arrive. The trees still have no leaves, but I'm hopeful. It wouldn't take much to make them spring forth. Soon...

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day


Hope you're all having a fabulous Mother's Day. I'm planning on calling my mother later today. Hubby and I went out for breakfast this morning and they were giving out roses to all the women. I have mine sitting on my kitchen table next to the cheerful sunflowers I bought yesterday. :)

Friday, May 07, 2010


It's been a very busy week. I just signed two new contracts with Ellora's Cave. One is for Entwined Hearts--the final book in the Hearts of Fire series. This book is very different in that all of us (Ciana Stone, Nicole Austin, TJ Michaels and myself) wrote it together. It's not an anthology, but one book featuring the four couples from the first four books in the series. It was a challenge to write, but we had a blast doing it. And I love how it turned out.

I also signed a contract for Out of Shadows, the next book in the Shadow Ryders saga. This will be the third book I've written about my immortal shadow warriors. The first two are "Shadows Stir" in the Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis IV Anthology and Beyond Shadows. I love these warriors and are glad that readers do too.

No release date on either book yet. More information as it becomes available.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Two New Reviews for Embroidered Fantasies

Night Owl Reviews has given Embroidered Fantasies a 4.25 Review. Here's a snippet of what reviewer, Chris, had to say:

"This story was very touching and explored the oft-ignored possibility that a man too can be affected by abuse. And not to perpetuate the cycle...The emotion and devastation that the brothers display at times in the story almost brought me to tears, and a happy ending was a joy I fervently wished for them. Hot and spicy, this was a great addition to the series."

Read the entire review at Night Owl Reviews

Marc Holiday from JERR has also reviewed Embroidered Fantasies and gives it 4.5 Stars. Here's a snippet from that review:

"The sexual tension builds between the characters naturally and was both sexy and
touching. Every woman needs a hero, or two to fill her fantasies and these two certainly fit the bill. After reading Embroidered Fantasies, I will definitely be checking out the previous books in the Tapestry Series."

Monday, May 03, 2010

The Weather

It's the beginning of another week and I find myself thinking about the weather. Most of us don't pay too much attention to it. Oh, we gripe if it's raining and smile if it's sunny, we talk about it at line-ups in the grocery store and bank, but we go on about our daily lives and our business. That is until the weather gets extreme.

These past few months have been filled with reports of earthquakes, tsunamis and, more recently, flooding across parts of the United States. It's amazing how these kinds of events can make you thankful for a foggy, rainy day. After all, the fog will lift and the rain will stop, but the folks dealing with major weather will be picking up the pieces of their lives for days, weeks, months and possibly even years.

So today I'm giving thanks for the weather. It's cool, but sunny today. Tomorrow, if it rains as the forecast predicts, I'll give thanks for that too. I'm grateful not to be having to deal with the kind of destruction that many folks in the world are. My heart and prayers go out to them as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day!


Wow, I can hardly believe it's the first of May already. I can't really say it's spring here. It's trying, but I woke to see snow covering the ground this morning. It's all melted now, but it was quite the eye-opener. lol

No flowers here yet. Not really. Oh a few brave tulips have lifted their heads, but that's about it. Buds are threatening on the trees, but haven't made the final push yet. I can't wait until they finally bloom.

This morning, hubby and I went to a sale the local Fine Arts College has every year. They sell donated materials (wool, fabric, embroidery threads, etc... you name it, it's there), magazines, and seconds from students. They have the sale once a year and it was crowded.

I bought a few things. Got two baggies filled with wool tapestry skeins for two bucks each. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with them yet, but something will occur to me, I'm sure. Bought a hand-dyed/embroidered picture of a dragonfly for my sister. (She loves dragonflies.) Four craft magazines, some felted pieces of fabric, and a hard-carved wooden bowl rounded out my purchases. All for $20. You gotta love a sale. Plus, I'm supporting the local college so it's win/win situation.

I wonder where I'll go next weekend?

What are you doing this weekend?