Discovering Dani
Jamesville, Book 1

Dani O'Rourke is no stranger to hard work. She’s been raising her two brothers alone since their parents died and she owns and operates her own business, O’Rourke Cleaning Services. Spending all her time working and looking after her family means she’s never had time for men. And if she was going to look for a relationship, it wouldn’t be with an arrogant and cynical man like Burke.

A brush with death has successful businessman Burke questioning his priorities. He’s come to Jamesville for some peace and quiet to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. Catching a woman breaking into his cabin certainly isn’t part of his plan, nor is being attracted to her after her finds out just how wrong he was about her.

Burke finds himself caught up in Dani’s family, but is there room in such a gentle woman’s life for a man as hard as him?


The Way Home
Jamesville, Book 2

Jake Tanner needs a wife, and who better to ask to marry him and help raise his orphaned niece than his best friend, Rebecca. He knows it’ll change their relationship, and becoming a family won’t be easy. But Jake has to convince her they can make it work, because he just can’t imagine doing it all with anyone else.

Rebecca Gentry has made a life she’s content with. She has her own sewing business, a lovely apartment, and a few good friends, especially the one she’s secretly loved for years. When Jake makes a rather unromantic proposal, Rebecca considers it even though she knows she’ll probably end up with a broken heart.

They know becoming a family won’t be easy, but unforeseen problems test them at every turn, and it quickly becomes clear both of their hearts are on the line.


The Return of Patrick O’Rourke
Jamesville, Book 3

After being shot in the line of duty, New York City cop Patrick O’Rourke has returned to his hometown of Jamesville to recuperate. His partner is dead, and his career depends on how well he recovers from his serious injuries. He doesn’t plan on staying any longer than he has to, and the last thing he wants is to get involved in a relationship with a local woman.

Shannon Brooker’s life certainly didn’t turn out the way she’d planned, and she’s back in Jamesville to help her aunt run the local diner. All she wants is some peace of mind, but when her abusive ex shows up in town, she turns to Patrick, the man she had a crush on what feels like a lifetime ago.

Shannon wants to hire Patrick to protect her, but he soon wants to do more than just protect her body.


The Seduction of Shamus O’Rourke
Jamesville, Book 4

Her father’s death has brought Cyndi Marks back to Jamesville, and she’s determined to settle back in her hometown and lay her ghosts to rest once and for all. But not everyone is happy to see her. Every small town has secrets, and Jamesville has secrets some would kill to protect. When Cyndi needs help, there’s only one person in town she can trust.

Shamus O’Rourke is happy living in Jamesville. He loves his job, his family, and small town living. All that’s missing is someone to share it with. When he runs in to Cyndi and helps her with a flat tire, he’s drawn to the reserved, wary woman. He’s pretty sure the feeling is mutual, even though she tries to deny it.

When Cyndi’s life is threatened, just about everyone in town is a suspect, and she’s not sure her fledgling relationship with Shamus can stand up to the town and his family’s concerns. The only things she is sure of is that she can’t see herself surviving in Jamesville without the younger man.


A Legal Affair
Jamesville, Book 5

Alicia Flint loves her small town community and her career, but her livelihood as a lawyer depends on her spotless reputation, so she can’t exactly let go and have fun with just any man. A chance encounter with a stranger at a friend’s wedding seems like the perfect chance to indulge in something she’s never done before—have a red-hot one-night stand.

Former cop Gill Baron has come to Jamesville to visit friends and figure out what’s next for him. He likes the town, and when a friend suggests he could help out on an investigation, he considers making his visit something more permanent. It seems a little like fate when the woman who needs an investigator turns out to be the same woman he can’t get out of his head after a scorching night.
Gill wasn't looking for a relationship, and the town is quickly abuzz with the news of the local lawyer and her one-night stand, but the attraction between her and Gill is too deep to deny.


By the Book
Jamesville, Book 6

From the moment ex-military man Jonah Sutter sets his eyes on Amanda, he can’t get her out of his head He’s not a forever kind of guy, but taking it slow and easy goes out the window when someone breaks into her home and she’s hurt. Jonah decides to move himself into her house until the threat has passed.

Rare book dealer Amanda Barrington has moved to Jamesville to start a new life. The moving truck is barely out the drive when she meets Jonah. The imposing man sets her pulse racing, and when someone breaks into her home looking for a specific book, Jonah is the first in line to protect her. She has no idea who the assailant is or what book he wants. All she knows is she feels safe in Jonah’s arms, no matter how cynical and world wary he appears to the rest of the world.


Past Promises

Jamesville, Book 7


Linda Fletcher moved to Jamesville to get away from her manipulative family and start her new life and antique business—Past Promises. She has friends in Jamesville, and when one of them recommends a handyman who’ll do the renovations on her building in exchange for rent, it seems like the perfect setup. She knows Levi’s just passing through, and she’s never contemplated a no-strings affair before, but she’s more than willing to have one with Levi.


Levi Mann originally came to Jamesville to help a friend, but he stayed because he likes the town and the people—especially Linda, the woman whose building he’s working on. He knows he’s not good enough for her, but the chemistry between them is too intense to ignore.


When Linda’s family tries to manipulate her into returning to the fold, she’s in danger of losing everything, including her new relationship with Levi—the one neither of them thought would last but now don’t want to live without.


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