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What book is at the top of my keeper shelf?

Which book is at the top of your keeper shelf, the book you like to re-read over and over? And why?

That's the question Coffee Time Romance asked authors this month.

Want to know my answer? Be sure to check it out.


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Movie Monday--John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

This movie is going to be a wild ride!

Embroidered Fantasies is Back!

I'm thrilled that Embroidered Fantasies is available once again!

Embroidered Fantasies
Tapestries, Book 5

With her abusive ex-husband safely behind bars, Roxanne Sykes is trying to carve out a quiet life for herself. Just as she’s beginning to feel free to explore her new possibilities, word reaches her that her cruel ex has been released from prison. When he shows up at her door bent on destroying her, it’s only through the magic of a well-loved tapestry that Roxanne is whisked away to safety—and into the world of a warrior she’s known only from her fantasies.

Radnor Craddock has known only a life of violence and brutality at the hands of his older
brothers. Now that they have fallen in battle, Radnor and his twin brother Sednar can finally put their house in order. Just as their efforts are bearing fruit, fate smiles upon them again by delivering a potential tapestry bride to their doorstep. Well aware of what they must do to win her hand and her heart, the brothers dedicate themselves to granting Roxanne every imaginable pleasure, driving her to sensual heights unlike any she has ever known.

With each new erotic encounter stirring a loving bond between the three, Roxanne is tempted to accept the promise of the tapestry and make a new life and new home with the brothers. But she has trusted before and been painfully wrong, and she’s frightened by the whisperings of the brothers’ violent past. Unsure of herself and threatened anew when her merciless ex finds his way to her once again, Roxanne must trust her heart as the brothers vow to protect her and destroy her ex—and to give her a life and love she had never dreamed possible…


A sound caught his ears and he cocked his head to one side, listening intently. He heard it again. A low groan followed by the sound of fabric shuffling. Someone was in here.

Radnor strode silently down the aisle, hand on the pommel of his sword, checking each stall as he went. It was probably one of the stable boys, but he wanted to be certain. Most of the stalls were empty, but a few had bales of hay stacked inside, ready to be spread as bedding for the horses. In the last stall on the left, he found his intruder.

He froze, unable to believe his eyes. Lying on a stack of hay bales was a woman wearing a garment of the most striking color he’d ever seen. It was almost blinding in its intensity. Her slender legs were bare. The bottom of her unusual dress was pushed above her knees. Most of her arms were exposed, as was a wide swath just above her breasts. Something metal glinted down the center of her garment when she shifted.

Her lips parted on a low groan, freeing Radnor from his stupor. He opened the gate and stepped into the stall. Her hair barely touched her nape and was as black as the night. Her lips were rosy and full, begging to be kissed. Her cheekbones were high, her nose straight.

He frowned, his eyes narrowing as he noted the pallor of her skin. He moved closer and the faintest scent of flowers wafted before him. Recognition hit him full force. He knew this woman. Knew the feel of her skin beneath his palms, the scent of her body when she was aroused, the full shape of her ample breasts and the strength of her supple limbs. She was the woman from his dream.

Her eyelids fluttered open and she stared up at him. Her eyes were gray, the same color as a morning mist over the lake. She blinked once, opened her mouth and screamed.

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Sharing an excerpt over at the Sweet 'n Sexy Divas Blog


Spring is in the air and I'm over at the SWEET 'N SEXY DIVAS BLOG sharing an excerpt from Wolf of her Own!



I'm over at the Decadent Divas Blog

The destinies of a female scientist, two alpha super soldiers, and a sword-wielding warrior collide when a magical tapestry brings them together for three days that will change all their lives forever. 
I'm sharing a teaser from Threads of Destiny over at the Decadent Divas Blog.

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Writer Wednesday--Predator's Kiss by Rosanna Leo

This week I'd like to welcome Rosanna Leo. She's sharing the blurb and excerpt from Predator's Kiss, the first book in her Gemini Island Shifters series.
Even better...right now, you can download it for FREE!

Bear shifter Ryland Snow just wants peace. The peace and quiet afforded him at his woodsy retreat, the Ursa Fishing Lodge. As owner of the lodge, Ryland enjoys the tranquil life he’s created among his fellow shifters. He lives to maintain a safe haven for them, away from meddlesome human eyes.

When his rock star brother arrives, bringing trouble in the form of a possible hitman, Ryland is incensed. He’s been cleaning up Soren’s messes as long as he can remember, and is tired of his brother’s lecherous exploits.

Things go from bad to worse when Lia Goodblood stumbles upon Ryland and his lodge. Yes, the reclusive erotica author is easy on the eyes, but the human woman is more trouble than she’s worth. To say nothing of her bizarre fear of furry creatures.

Ryland determines to rid himself of her presence. But when he learns she’s on the run from a crazed fan, Ryland’s protective bear instincts flare. And the bear won’t be denied.


She was already reviving a few minutes later. Ryland let out a sigh of relief.

Thank God. When he’d first seen the petite woman hurtling through the trees, he’d worried someone was after her. But no one else had barreled behind her. And yet she’d seemed so scared.

They hadn’t helped, presenting her with a couple of snarling bears.

She moaned a little, and the soft sound warmed him, making him hard again. Damn. He glanced around the room, remembered he didn’t exactly tend to stash clothes in guest cabins, and raced for the bathroom. He grabbed a couple of clean towels off the rack and tossed one to Soren. “Cover yourself.”

Soren grinned like a devil and motioned to his nude bottom half. “I can conduct my flirting business much more efficiently this way.”

Ryland glared as he wrapped his lower half in the towel. “Cover yourself or I’ll strangle you with it, lover boy.”

His brother placed the woman’s backpack on the floor and threw the towel about his waist. “Such animosity is really not in keeping with your sainthood, Brother Ryland.”

Ryland ignored him and turned back to the woman. He didn’t know why it mattered so much she recover and feel comfortable in his presence, but it did. Of course, as owner of the lodge, it made sense he didn’t want to see anyone scared or hurt.

Yeah. That’s it. That’s all.

His rationalization did nothing to quell the nervous tremors in his gut, though. Or his excruciating hard-on.

Okay, she’s sorta pretty and has a body made for sin. So what? Get over yourself.

Clearly, it had been too long since he’d allowed himself to get lost in a woman’s body for more than a quick fuck. And this woman’s body deserved slow, leisurely loving. Greedy licks. Sensual tugs. Why, her breasts alone were so full and perfect, they just begged one to suck. To say nothing of those rounded hips and soft, womanly ass.

Ryland ran a hand over his face, feeling overly hot. Jesus Christ. Stop thinking like a horny teenager. You sound like Carter.

Besides, she was nothing like him. Human. And if time had taught him anything, it was the pursuit of romance with a nonshifter was a fool’s errand. She didn’t belong here on his resort, on his island. He needed to revive her and get her out of there.

Desperate to relieve the sudden, raging desire shooting up through his body, Ryland forced himself to look away from the woman. In doing so, he caught a glimpse of his brother. Soren was sitting next to her, his gaze contemplative, his eyes trained on her boobs. Ryland realized he didn’t like the way baby brother was looking at her. “Hey.”

Soren looked up. “What?”

“What are you staring at?”

Without batting an eye, Soren turned back to their unexpected guest. “Her. Can’t I stare?”

Ryland’s eyebrows shot up. “Staring at women has already gotten you into trouble. Maybe you should find a new hobby.” He stifled the low growl building in his throat. Now wasn’t the time for brawling, but he didn’t appreciate the way his brother gawked. His cool eye, appraising, as if he’d never seen anything like her before.

“You were checking her out too,” Soren replied.

“No, I wasn’t. I’m not interested in this … person,” Ryland retorted. As he uttered the words, he bit his tongue hard by mistake, as if confirming the words were a lie. “Damn,” he whispered, tasting blood.

“Do you think someone was chasing her?” Soren asked in a pensive tone, picking up one of his drumsticks and stroking it as if it were a lover’s finger.

“I don’t know.” Ryland sat on the other side of her small body and looked her up and down as she lay under the covers. Despite his mistrust of humans, he couldn’t help wondering who would frighten such a tiny, delicate thing. Had someone tried to hurt her? The very idea made him want to bash his head against the wall. Or better yet, bash any lowlife who dared to touch her.

No one touches her but me, his heart declared.


As another stress headache shot through his brain, he wondered at the ferocity and lunacy of the feeling.

Predator’s Kiss is available at:
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Rosanna Leo is a multi-published romance author. She is the winner of the 2018 Northern Hearts Contest (Contemporary Romance – A Good Man, Handymen 1.)  Fascinated by folklore and myth, Rosanna draws on the world of legend for her paranormal romances.
From Toronto, Canada, Rosanna occupies a house in the suburbs with her long-suffering husband, their two hungry sons and a tabby cat named Sweetie. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair.


Welcome to Spring!

Happy Equinox!

Welcome to spring!

The days are getting longer, the sun's heat is melting the snow, and soon we'll see the first flowers of spring. It's been a long cold winter, but we made it!

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Wolf of her Own--Nomination

I’m thrilled and humbled that Wolf of her Own has been nominated in the Love Romances Cafe's Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Book 2018 category.

 If you’d like to vote for this book, or for any of the other nominees, you can go to:
Voting closes March 21st.

Wolf of her Own
Salvation Pack, Book 9

Mikhail Matheson may be an outsider in Salvation, but he stays with the pack to be close to his sister. It has nothing to with the fact that Elise—the most fascinating woman he’s ever laid eyes on—is part of the pack. Mikhail has wanted Elise for years, but being with her could cost him his life. Soon he’ll have to decide if he’s going to leave the pack or risk it all to pursue a place at her side.
After escaping her abusive mate, Elise LaForge has made a home in Salvation with her sons. She never expected to have her emotions stirred up by the always serious and seriously handsome Mikhail. But can she finally put her past behind her and dare to move on?            

When danger creeps into the pack, both she and Mikhail have to be willing to sacrifice everything to have a chance at love.

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Entangled Publishing:

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Weekend Book club--Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

A short while ago, MERCURY STRIKING by Rebecca Zanetti was on sale. It looked interesting so I gave it a read. It's the first book in the Scorpius Syndrome series.

This is a fast paced, gritty post-apocalyptic romance that will leave you wanting more. And I'm not kidding when I say that. I bought and read the rest of the series in under a week. I couldn't stop reading them and can't wait for the next book. 

I would recommend reading Scorpius Rising first. It's basically a prequel that gives you the background to the virus that lays waste to the world.


With nothing but rumors to lead her, Lynne Harmony has trekked across a nightmare landscape to find one man—a mysterious, damaged legend who protects the weak and leads the strong. He’s more than muscle and firepower—and in post-plague L.A., he’s her only hope. As the one woman who could cure the disease, Lynne is the single most volatile—and vulnerable—creature in this new and ruthless world. But face to face with Jax Mercury…

Book 2

 Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

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Throwback Thursday--Pride of the Lion

Pride of the Lion is the third book in my Hades' Carnival series. I love this series so much. All the heroes are different because of the characteristics they share with their animal side. Leander is a lion shifter and very much the king of the beasts.

Once upon a time, a writer woke up in the middle of her own book...

Pride of the Lion
Hades’ Carnival, Book 3

When Araminta Davidson is invited to participate in a readers’ appreciation weekend, she feels like she’s arrived as an author. But what starts out as a fun weekend quickly turns surreal and deadly when she accidentally releases a shape-shifting immortal warrior from a five-thousand-year-old curse.

Finally freed from the carousal he’s been trapped on, Leander denies Hades and vows to beat the second part of the curse and find a way to free his comrades. The woman who released him calls to his animal nature, and he realizes she’s his mate. But is she as innocent as she seems, or was she sent by Hades? The clock is ticking, but not fast enough. If he can stay alive and evade Hades for twenty-four hours, he might be able to figure it out.


A brilliant spotlight flashed on and she shrank back, covering her eyes as she was momentarily blinded. She blinked and slowly lowered her hands, needing to see if there was anyone there with her.

She didn’t see a person, but she did see a broken-down carousel. The ride had seen better days and only two animals remained on it—a wolf and a lion. Drawn to it by a force she couldn’t deny, her feet moved until she was standing beside it. The paint was chipped and worn, but there was no denying the beauty of the carved animals. They were so realistic, so incredibly beautiful.

She ran her hand over the flanks of the wolf. His head was slightly turned toward her, his mouth opened to reveal several rows of sharp teeth. “You’re a dangerous one, aren’t you?” She wanted to stroke his head but was almost afraid to, he was so lifelike.

A dizzy spell caught her unawares and she thought she heard a wolf howling in the distance. She shook her head and reached out to catch herself against one of the posts of the carousel. “Wow, what was that all about?” This whole place was disorienting and it was making her feel slightly light-headed and nauseous.

She shuffled over to the lion and sucked in a breath. The creature was magnificent with his thick blond mane and golden eyes. She wasn’t even certain if lions had eyes the color of old gold, or if they would be brown. Not that it mattered. This was an artist’s representation of a lion, not a real one. Still, the animal was amazing with paws the size of dinner plates and thick muscles rippling beneath a layer of fur.

She reached out and touched his side and was startled to feel warmth beneath her hand. She stumbled back, clutching her hand to her chest. The lion slowly turned its head toward her, opened his large, powerful jaws and roared.
Araminta’s heart raced and pure terror enveloped her. The sharp fangs of the lion seemed to glint in the muted light. She jerked back, slipped and kept falling. She thought she might have screamed, but wasn’t certain. For a few brief moments, she couldn’t see or hear anything. It was terrifying to be plunging through a dark nothingness that wrapped around her and threatened to strangle her.

When she finally landed, it was with a thud on a soft padding. The breath had been knocked out of her so she sucked in air in big gulps. It was still poorly lit, but she could see the outline of furniture. She was in a room of some sort. She frowned as the objects came into better view. It looked like her bedroom at home.

A large male arm snaked around her, pulling her back against a massive male chest. Araminta opened her mouth to scream, but he spoke before she could manage to do more than squeak. “I’ve got you. You’re safe.”

She blinked once and then again. What was going on? Where was the carousel and how had she gotten home?

Warm lips nuzzled her nape, sending a blast of heat cascading through her entire body.

“You smell nice.” A large hand cupped her hip through the thin fabric of her nightgown, giving it a squeeze. “You feel even better.”

She knew she should do something, get out of bed, run away or at the very least, scream. Something. Instead, she lay there beside the strange man and absorbed his heat and quiet strength. Something about him calmed her fear and silenced her unease.

She turned onto her side so she was facing him, wanting to get a better look at him. She couldn’t see the color of his eyes or hair, but there was no hiding the hard planes of his face. His nose was broad and flat, his forehead wide. His jaw was strong and powerful, his neck muscular.

But it was his hair that made her gasp. It was gloriously thick and fell to just below his shoulders. She reached out and touched it, shocked when it felt soft and silky. She wanted to rub her face in it. Heck, she wanted to rub her entire body over it.

Which was crazy because she had no idea who this guy was. Still, she wasn’t alarmed or upset by that fact. She wanted to get closer to him, to snuggle against him.

A loud sound permeated the room, almost like something was purring. It took her a second to realize the sound was coming from him. She placed her hand on his chest and the vibration sank into the flesh of her palm. It radiated down her arm to her shoulder before moving lower to her breasts and still lower until she was squirming and her panties felt damp.

She pulled her hand back. “Who are you?”

“Yours.” The stark reply made her toes tingle even as her brain formed a dozen questions.

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Took myself out to see Captain Marvel this afternoon. I LOVED it. It did not disappoint.

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Pancake Day!

Today has many names--Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival Day, or Pancake Day!

This marks the last day before the Christian observance of Lent begins. It was traditional in many societies to eat pancakes or other foods made with the butter, eggs and fat that would be given up during the Lenten season.

So if you have the ingredients, why not make some pancakes today.