Sunday, October 11, 2020

Halloween Countdown Day 11--Pride of the Lion

Leander is a lion shifter who knows what he wants. And what he wants right now is Araminta. While this is a dark paranormal romance there are some fun moments between the couple.

Pride of the Lion
Hades’ Carnival, Book 3

When Araminta Davidson is invited to participate in a readers’ appreciation weekend, she feels like she’s arrived as an author. But what starts out as a fun weekend quickly turns surreal and deadly when she accidentally releases a shape-shifting immortal warrior from a five-thousand-year-old curse.

Finally freed from the carousal he’s been trapped on, Leander denies Hades and vows to beat the second part of the curse and find a way to free his comrades. The woman who released him calls to his animal nature, and he realizes she’s his mate. But is she as innocent as she seems, or was she sent by Hades? The clock is ticking, but not fast enough. If he can stay alive and evade Hades for twenty-four hours, he might be able to figure it out.

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