Thursday, October 08, 2020

Halloween Countdown Day 8--Love in Flames

Love in Flames
Spells, Secrets & Seductions, Book 3

A spell ignites a fire nothing can extinguish.

Esther goes along with her friend’s candle-magic spell calling for a lover because a one-night stand just might help take her mind off Ryan Jameson. Her father died in the line of duty, and she has no plans to lose her heart to a firefighter who faces danger on a daily basis, no matter how hot he is. But it seems futile to resist when the spell starts to work its magick.

For as long as Ryan can remember, he’s had dreams of a woman with pale blue eyes, and when finds her in Burnt Cove, the connection between them is instantaneous. But the woman of his dreams seems bound and determined to keep him at arm’s length.
When a spell goes awry and gives them one night together, it’s all the opportunity he needs to convince her they’re meant to be.

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The creative world said...

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