Saturday, October 10, 2020

Halloween Countdown Day 10--Mark of the Bear

While I love all my heroes, some of them are that little bit extra special, and Marko is definitely one of those.

What happens when a horror movie set is really a carnival run by the Devil's minions?

Mark of the Bear
Hades’ Carnival, Book 2

Kellsie Morris knows her career as a Hollywood scream queen won’t last forever. Luckily, she’s just landed a big role in a movie about an immortal, shape-shifting warrior trapped in a carnival run by the Devil’s minions. When the carousel bear on set shifts into a flesh and bone bear of a man, Kellsie starts to question reality.

When Marko is released from the curse that has kept him trapped in his animal form and lays eyes on Kellsie, he knows with every fiber of his being that his purpose is now to protect her no matter what.

But there’s no predicting the Devil’s next move in this game. Hades is determined to get his revenge on the escaped warrior, and going after Marko’s mate is seems like the perfect plan.

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