Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Earth Girls Aren't Easy by Charlene Teglia


Earth girls aren’t easy,” the hunky stranger from another planet tells Angie when she puts the brakes on their erotic encounter. But what else can she do when she finds out just how far out of town he’s from?

Danek had two reasons to visit planet Earth. One was straightforward—deliver a package for the woman his lord commander had whisked away without stopping to ask if she had any unfinished business to wrap up first. The other was more complicated, continuing his search for his bondmate among the women of that world.

The package errand led him to Angela Robbins, where Danek discovers two things. First, that he’s found his bondmate, the woman whose psychic wavelength matches his and who has the latent psychic ability to receive his telepathic thoughts. And second, that convincing her of this will take all his considerable seductive skill along with new heights of ingenuity. He might be alien, but Danek’s all male and determined to win his woman with pleasure that’s out of this world!

Angela Robbins is minding her own business, working her day job at the coffee shop, when she discovers that a hunky blond customer is much more than he appears. What happens next is an amazingly funny and sexy ride that you won’t want to miss. Humor and sex hot, combined with great characters and snappy dialogue, makes this book a winner.

Earth Girl’s Aren’t Easy is the latest Ellora’s Cave release from author Charlene Teglia. As always, this author delivers a book worth reading more than once!

Earth Girl’s Aren’t Easy is available August 29th from Ellora’s Cave Publishing

*This book is connected to I Was An Alien’s Love Slave, which is part of the Ellora’s Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction III anthology due out on September 23rd. Both stories can be read as stand-alones, but you’ll want to read both*


charleneteglia said...

Thank you, NJ! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. : )

Nicole Austin said...

I agree! What a terrific, funny, sexy read. Congrats, Charli!

N.J.Walters said...

It was wonderful, Charli. As Nic said, it's a terrific, funny, sexy read!