Thursday, August 23, 2007

Margarita Day by Nicole Austin and TK Winters


Recipe for Margarita Day: Take one shy woman, toss in three determined alphas, mix liberally with sizzling sex, add a dash of intrigue, and watch the steam rise.

Jodi Matthews is the consummate gamer. One crazy night she let her hair down, stripped off her clothes, and anteed up for a night of poker and wild fantasy sex. Now she has three alpha players hot to win her hand.

Conner is a walking wet dream ready to share his vision of the future. Wiz is a high roller looking for a cherished pet to adorn his arm. John’s an average Joe who can turn Jodi inside out with a simple look. No matter what card she chooses, Jodi risks losing something. The life she loves working as a Vegas dealer or some close friends. Maybe both.
From champagne and diamonds to mysterious parties and private jets, Jodi must accept herself and what her heart’s always known. The Smut Squad is there, ready and willing to fortify her courage and orchestrate a daring hunt for the ultimate stakes.

This is no game, and the jackpot will be even better than her wildest dreams.

Margarita Day is the much anticipated sequel of Mimosa Night, although it can be read as a stand-alone book. Jodi Matthews, who we first met in Mimosa Night, is back and this time she has three men who all want her for their own. The main competition is between Wiz and John and the action heats up as both men stake their claim.

But Jodi has to overcome her own insecurities or risk losing everything she ever wanted. Can this woman risk it all in the highest-stakes game of her life?

Margarita Day is one womans sensual and emotional journey to find happiness. It's filled with hot, sensual scenes that will have you fanning yourself. But beneath it all, it is a love story as a woman finds love and has to find the courage to reach out and claim it as her own. The team of Austin and Winters has penned another winner!


Jan Springer said...

This sounds absolutely great!

jan, grabbing herself a margarita and three alpha males to celebrate!

Jenna Leigh said...

I don't drink and this makes me want a margarita. Although, they do make it in a sherbert now. Hmm, an excuse to eat. Hoohoo!!

Nicole Austin said...

Thanks for the fabulous review, NJ! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Jodi's story. :D

N.J.Walters said...

Sit back with your margarita and enjoy, Jan!

LOL I'm not a margarita fan, Jenna. A nice iced-tea works just as well. *g*

You're very welcome, Nic. Can't wait to see what you and TK do next!