Monday, August 20, 2007

Odds and Ends!

That's what today is--Odds and Ends Day!

I've decided to take today and do a bunch of those kinds of things that always get put off. I need to dig out my desk, go through a bunch of emails, vacuum, clean the bathroom, go to the post office...well, you get the general idea.

Like most people, I let the small stuff slide while I work on more important things that need to be done. But after a while the small stuff grows and gradually becomes one giant task to be tackled.

So today is officially Odds and Ends Day! At least in my house. LOL

When things reach this point I don't work well because I 'm always thinking about the things that need to be done. Better to do them and put them behind me.

That way I can start fresh tomorrow.

Have a great Monday!


Susan said...

Have fun N.J. I've done some cleaning today. Cleaned out the refrigerator...yuck. Also found that it's leaking...dang it. I also have a tendency to put the small stuff off, but it's going to take me 2 days to get caught up. Kids start school Wednesday (yay) so maybe I'll get caught up. Have a great week.

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Susan. I was at it until just after 9 last night, but I found my desk. *g*

Yuck on the refrigerator leaking. Any kind of leak means money in repairs. Good luck getting the kids ready for school!

charleneteglia said...

Yep, at some point you have to clear out all the To Do's. And, um, the back of the fridge. *g*

N.J.Walters said...

I don't wanna clean out the back of the fridge. LOL