Monday, August 27, 2007


Is it just me or are the stores pushing the holidays even closer together.

I was out shopping on the weekend and several stores already have Halloween decorations out on the shelves. I mean, the kids aren't even back to school yet--at least, not all of them are.

I love the holidays as much as the next person--probably more--but even I am taken aback at how early the stores are starting to push the holiday paraphenalia. I worked in retail for about 20 years so I understand all about marketing, etc... But I think that the retailers are pushing their luck. Instead of inticing people to buy, I think they may be starting to have the opposite effect. By placing the holiday goods out so early, many people are sick of the holiday before it even arrives.

What do you think?

I expect to see the Christmas decorations any day now. Oh wait! The drugstore was selling off last years cards and wrapping paper last week. It seems Christmas has arrived--in August!

I want to savor and enjoy each holiday as it comes. That means starting a few weeks in advance and working up to the actual day. I'm looking forward to Halloween, but not until after the first of October. :-)


charleneteglia said...

I hate that. The day after Easter, up go the 4th of July decorations. And so on. For the love of the seasons, people, slow down. It's very offputting and makes me hate going into stores.

Nicole Austin said...

Drives me crazy! By the time the actual holiday rolls around, I'm way over seeing all the decorations and just want it all to end. And the clothes...ugh! At the start of summer they already had fall clothes in the stores. It's insane!

Jenn L said...

I so agree with all of that, but what really iritates me is that every year Thanksgiving gets the shaft. Besides advertising to damn early for each holiday every year after Halloween the store jumor right to Christmas, talking about Black Friday and even letting theior sale ads get leaked on the net. In the mean time Thanksgiving become a foot note and is only mentioned when it's included in Black Friday Mayhem.

When I was a girl I couldn't wait till the Thanksgiving day parades, not the news barely mentions them.

And thanks to moving the Christmas mayhem up, I;m so sick of Carols even befiore December gets here. makes me want to not shop for Christmas at all.

PS. HI Nicole and Charlene :)

Shelley Munro said...

No, it's not just you, NJ. I hate having holidays pushed at me. At least Halloween isn't as big in New Zealand. I'm safe until possibly October when Christmas stuff seems to start!

N.J.Walters said...

It's taking the specialness out of the holiday, Charli.

That's so true, Nic. You need to buy your clothing the season before if you want any kind of choice and selection.

The whole Black Friday thing is crazy. People go nuts. I'll admit that my family has really cut back on the gifts in the past decade or so. It really takes the stress away from the holiday.

They have Halloween and Christmas side-by-side on the shelves here, Shelley. It's really sad!