Monday, August 06, 2007

Wild Wild West!

Wild Wild West

Three hot-blooded cowboys. Three sexy city women. One red-hot night.

Welcome to the wild, wild west and the Lemon Espresso Café where three city women will meet three cowboys who will change their lives forever.

Author Charlene Teglia has penned three interconnecting stories that make Wild, Wild West, one red-hot read. In the first story, “A Man’s Word Is His Bondage”, Willow Daniels is giving a poetry reading at the Lemon Espresso when she first sees Gabe Daniels. Willow is finishing her six-month poet in residence program and is returning to her old job in two weeks. But Gabe has different plans for the pretty, talented poet, and they don’t include her leaving Missoula in two weeks time.

In “Ready to Play”, Jolie McIntyre is waitressing at the Lemon Espresso while she studies and waits to write the Bar exam. Jolie has been working hard for years and her goal is now in sight. To blow off some steam, she decides some R & R with sexy Chet Andrews is just what she needs, but Jolie might get a lot more than she bargained for.

The final story is “Reuben’s Rules”. Reuben Black is an ex-military man with seduction on his mind. His target—Lemon Espresso owner, Laura Jamieson. But Reuben has rules that he likes to play by and when Laura agrees, what happens between them is explosive. But rules are meant to be broken.

All three stories are hot, wild rides that will leave your heart racing and your pulse pounding, but my favorite of the three is Reuben’s Rules. Reuben is dominant and intense, but his care and concern for Laura is touching. There is a deep connection between these two and you can feel their deepening emotions.

Available tomorrow, August 7th, from St. Martin’s Press. Pick up Wild, Wild, West and enjoy one red-hot, wild ride.


charleneteglia said...

Reuben was my favorite, too, NJ. It's the bigger they are, the harder they fall thing. I love it when they fall hard. *g* Thank you so much, and I'm really happy that you enjoyed Wild Wild West!

Jenn L said...

OMG NJ I am so jealous, my copy is coming from BAMM and is in transit. I want it like yesterday. LOL

And Charlene congrats on your New books release. I just love cowboys and I have a feeling I'm gonna love yours too.

Chris said...
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Nicole Austin said...

Woohoo! The cowboys are here.

This is one fabulous book. Definitely going on my keeper shelf!

charleneteglia said...

Thanks Nic and Jenn! : D

N.J.Walters said...

Congratulations on the release of WWW, Charli! I love deep, dark, mysterious men, and Reuben fits the bill!

I was lucky enough to get my copy early, Jenn. You're going to really enjoy this book!

I agree, Nic!